Thursday, November 8, 2012

I think we have officially achieved married people status. This last week has been a real doozy for the two of us!

I seem to have come down with some sort of flu bug. Sunday night/Monday were hard. I was back and forth from the bathroom a total of nine times and sleep was just not an option. I will spare you the details but just know that I hit what I would like to call, "The Simultaneous Trifecta" (which includes my visit from mother nature). Let your imagination run with that.

Thus is the reason we are now even more married than before. Casey has now seen and heard the worst of the worst! And the reason for this post really, is to tell you all of his magnificent-ness; and not in a bragging sort of way, in just a "this is true love" sort of way.

As he tells it, Casey himself has not thrown up since a young age. Because of this he has a great fear of doing such and has zero to no tolerance for those that do, or pretend to. So you can imagine as the night unfolded I was doing my best to shield him from my exorcist-like behaviors. Alas, I failed. He knew immediately what was happening and he went right into action! He helped clean (and I mean clean EVERYTHING...he even made sure I had a newly clean bucket with me at all times, did all of the laundry and much of the disinfecting throughout the process), made a phone call to the parents, went to get the meds, called the parents again, informed my employers, brought me drinks, brought me movies, got me blankets, tucked me in and slept on the most uncomfortable couch in the world for a man his size and then later the floor...just because he didn't want me to be alone or get more sick.

Of course he had his moments of shock and awe, but those were quickly squashed with medicine and closed eyes. We are safe to say he did not catch this crazyness...yet! And I hope he doesn't because I can't be the mom that he was that night/day. I had no idea he was even capable of all of this! Am I lucky or what?

So that is the latest glimpse into our silly life. Enjoy!


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Classy Living

Before we got married and while we were apartment shopping, everyone kept telling us that our first place was going to be where we learned some of our biggest life lessons. We knew we needed to start out small, so by no means were we reaching for the stars here. So with the wisdom of so many, we chose an apartment and here we are...

I would like to take this opportunity to record some of the funny little things about this apartment that shall be passed along to our kin one day. My grandma Sheri told us that without these kinds of experiences we would be doing our children a huge disservice. Let it begin!

  • BUGS! There are bugs everywhere, and on more than one occasion, they have crawled across me during movie night. We are not talking just spiders people. We have beetles, and box elder bugs (typical Bountiful), fruit flies (which is unexplained since we don't have any fruit like, or food like things here) and my personal favorite: Centipedes! Lovely right? They feel very nice on the skin...but even better smashed and in the toilet. 
    • Side note: We had a major bug attack while watching the Money Pit (slightly ironic). We could both here wings we turned on the light and I saw a gigantic spider run across the carpet! Then we killed it! But we never found the source of the flapping...
  • GARBAGE WATER! I have always been a "water from the fridge" kind of girl, so the whole tap water thing didn't suit me well. We bought a filtered water pitcher, but the tap just smelled. And smelled. And smelled. We then switched to bottled water. A couple of days later the gym was handing out free water testing kits, I grabbed about 5. We sent one in and learned that our water is definitely not suitable for isn't suitable for anything. 

  •  THERMOSTAT! We have no control over the thermostat. But we do have a ceiling fan that is just a few spins away from blast off...somebody call NASA!
In all seriousness we are loving living here. We are laugh about these things more and more everyday. It is all just too good in a way because it will make our stories that much better. If anyone has any suggestions on how to set a major bug trap, just let me know!


Sunday, October 7, 2012

Life on the Couch

It has really been so refreshing to see everyone's posts about Conference these last couple of days. What kind of blogger would I be if I didn't follow in their footsteps? 

We loved conference! We love any opportunity to sit on our butts and watch TV (really though...) but this weekend was the mega-wonderful couch potato weekend, and next April will be the same. The messages of encouragement and optimism really left an imprint on the both of us. That, and whatever was said at priesthood to make Casey come home and repeat, "You are beautiful, and I value you...and I can't remember the rest." Ha! That is our kind of love. 

Odd that today we both wore the same clothes that we did last conference? Interesting fact...

Anyhow, I love walking away from these special weekends feeling like I am going to accomplish everything ever. Hopefully this time I will really do my best to do so, along with Casey! Heaven knows that without him I wouldn't even be able to tie my shoes. 


Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's October?

We have hardly had any time to recover from Summer! It is like school and work decided to throw up all over the both of us.  In my attempt to avoid homework, I have decided to post.

So far the beginning of fall has been like a new door for our married life. So far we have football, homework, football and homework. It will all be good in the long run though! We have some great new adventures with school beginning next semester. Changes that will be refreshing!

We are definitely in a wonderful place right now! I can't even begin to explain how exciting it is to be decorating and celebrating the holidays and what not in my own family dwelling. Casey thinks I am nuts but I have already found a smallish Christmas tree and such for us. This is history people! Every holiday must be taken seriously! And of course I know it is only October, but October is just the beginning. The beginning of a giant 3 month period of time called "Family Parties". This encompasses November and December as well. So much has to happen within these months that you may fall behind on your craftiness. In short, you have to get your crap together now before the celebration days are gone.

More recently we have been serving as primary teachers in our ward. We teach the 6/7 year old's every Sunday! It has already proven to be an interesting calling for us. We have even had some controversial experiences believe it or not. And the "problem" child we were given has actually been our favorite..? Figure that one out! I digress...we gave the kids some time to tell us about the highlight of their last week. This particular kid chose to tell us about his day and he did not even hesitate! He said, "My mom went crrraaaaazzzzzyyyyy this morning!" And then he continued with his story about his sweet mom who was just having one of those mornings...anyhow I barely heard him because I was laughing so hard.

Safe to say we have been happily busy and we cherish our weekends more than anything at this point! Hopefully this will help to get us posting again...or inspire us to send out our Thank You cards already....Only time will tell...


Thursday, August 2, 2012

Up to date

It seems so crazy that it is already August! I have no idea where the summer went. This last month better be good!

We've really been enjoying the last couple months of togetherness though. Particularly this month with the Olympics. We consider ourselves some major volleyball fans now...because we totally need another excuse to watch TV. We snuggle up with some slightly healthy snacks and tape our eyes open so we don't miss a thing. Now if we only had a fort...that would be something.

Because it as gone so fast it feels like a major time lapse has happened. Hard to believe we are already at this point.This whole last week has been one of great celebration for Casey and myself! We have officially been inseparable for a year now. SOOOO sappy but hey, when you meet your sweetheart, it's just how it works. I guess you could say we celebrated with a week full of pathetic athletic attempts (on my part at least). After the great tennis net fiasco of 2012, we have been pushing ourselves back into the gym. I also consider our trip to Seven Peaks to be somewhat of a daunting task. I called it our water slide date. We have never before ridden the water slides! But today we did! And it was so much fun! So we are going again next week! And forever! Until we contract a disease from that place which is bound to happen, right?

Anyhow, we are ready to finish out the summer strong! We have a lot coming up this fall with school and such so this final stretch of freedom will be much needed. At least now we can help each other meander through school. That will be a nice change.

Stay tuned for our report back on our NANNY BABY SLEEPOVER! Yes this is really happening. My dreams are coming true!


This is not me. But it is very similar to me.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bear Lakey!

We had a great return to the Lake! It was Casey's first year, and I think he managed to have a wonderful time amongst the crazies.

Casey golfed every morning and did better each time. I went to the beach every morning and got more sun each time. It was perfect! We even scored some quality floaties for the water, and also caught some rays sitting on the giant island floaty via the Welch family.

Casey's favorite part was of course the wave runners. He got to go out all by himself! And then there was a small almost accident between some of the cousins but that is ok because it was a small almost accident. We also tried our hands at volleyball, which was a great success. Usually the fam isn't prone to such great physical feats but this year was different, and it was a marvelous time. 

Following the nightly dinner routine we spent some time at La Beau's because that is just what you do. And then we dabbled in some card games like Tribal Uno and Mormon Bridge. What a delight!

In the history of family vacations, this is the ultimate family vacation. It is better than Christmas. Every year brings new memories and better relationships than the year before. I am so happy Casey gets to be in on the fun now!

We really had a great time up at the lake and are already looking forward to whatever next year brings! 

Casey's thoughts on the matter: It was fun. I had corndogs.


Thursday, July 19, 2012

Fourff of July!

Super behind in posting this! Just wanted to post some pictures from the day. We had a lot of fun with the fam!

Eaglewood Fireworks; Family Swim Party; Call Family Gutterworks!

Please take note of the first picture in the kind of second row...Abram crash landing onto Grandpa Joe following a very suave handstand. 


Wednesday, July 18, 2012


Once uponst my blogging travels, I read of a couple having late night chats into the early hours of the morn. I instantly thought to myself, "How fortunate for these people that they have no regard for bedtimes or early morning work hours. I wish Casey and I could have such luxuries". And then BAM!

I don't know if it was our inspiring drive home from the lake (no radio or musica) or not, but all of the sudden we are the biggest Chatty Cathy's the world has ever had!

We've covered all sorts of topics including but not limited to:

  • Chubby Chasers/Pear shaped people
  • People who can afford to buy houses
  • Career options
  • The "new" BCS
  • Dream career options
  • Actual dreams
  • Past dating experiences
  • Wedding videos (we watched and discussed)
  • College football
  • Gingers
  • Admiration of  others
I am working these bullet points lately, like it's my job! Anyway...At one point or another either of us tried to go to bed but that is a major no no when trying to achieve late night chats. However, once Casey starts speaking nonsense like, "Did they climb the tree?", when discussing people buying homes...I know it is time for bedy-byes! 

Such fun memories. 


The making of our actual wedding video! Can't wait to see it!
Lumineux Films

Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Nanny Baby

My Nanny Baby's one liners!!!!!
and then some...
  • "I have an idea!"
  • "We're best friends!"
  • L: "It's really important." B: "What's important, L?" L: "'s really important."
  • "Bucca tato bug."
  • "Bucca where are you?"
  • "This is so cute!"
  • "I like to go to galoon."
  • "Let's look at choco face?"
  • "What's up grandma?!"
  • "A Thomas!"
  • "You've got a friend in me!"
  • "We're bu-uuuu-uuu-diii-iiiieeessss."
  • "I want a seester, ask mom!"
  • "My party's coming up. Bucca Casey comin."
  • "I am almost 2!"
  • "Who's Ben?"

Mind the chins and focus on the cute baby!

There have been many more happy thoughts shared concerning this dear baby. Keep in mind that she speaks very clearly and uses a lot A LOT of inflection! As she gets older it all gets more funny and more surprising. What can I say? I love my job!!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silly Little Life

We have a funny life! I think since we got married our IQ's have dropped significantly. 

We tried to go to the store yesterday so that we could make dinner. We had to have been there for almost an hour. We went in to get supplies for salad and tortellini's. We left with most of the ingredients to make a pizza, some shampoo and no salad. In short, we had nothing to make a complete meal. Enter Cafe Rio.  

Things like that keep happening! And we laugh harder every time.

Fortunately for us though we have been able to make a complete meal two times! We do like to cook and Casey really likes to wear the aprons so hopefully our store time will be more efficient in the future. 

Our first married cooking adventure: Monkeybread

Finished product. Looks weird but it was delicious!

In other news, this is my first morning in the apartment alone...that I have been awake for! I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the apartment was haunted. Since telling Casey this dream he has done nothing to tell me otherwise. He just goes along with it. Before we got married and he was living here alone, I told him that I would switch him for one night so he could go home. All he had to say was "Well you won't be alone!" and then he did a creepy Casey laugh. If only you all understood the fear that instilled in me. Needless to say I am nervous! Thank goodness for TV!

Casey says hi.


Friday, June 22, 2012

And Then...

After a long sabbatical away from this blog (and a possible attempt to delete it...yikes!), we have returned! 

So it has been a happy two weeks in the Call home! We had the wedding, just so you know. What a magnificent day! We loved having so many friends and family members there; and to those who did not make it, we sure missed you...especially when we froze at the reception but that is besides the point.

Wind and lip gloss vs. everyone ever

I keep going to post pictures from the day but I get super distracted looking at them. It is just all too much fun! Between the pictures from the wedding dinner and from the wedding day we have almost 500 silly digital camera shots. It is more than enough to keep me sane until our photographer finishes her shots from the day. Ahhhhhh it is just so exciting and I have absolutely no patience for these things.

Ever since the 9th I have been having crazy wedding dreams. I decided after the reception that the one thing I would tell other brides would be to walk around your reception, take everything in and make sure you see EVERYTHING! I was so sad that I didn't get to eat the strawberry shortcake that so many lovely ladies from my ward and lovely family members took the time to prepare. Annnnd I had no idea where all of the pictures and other decorations ended up so that was too bad. Thank goodness for photographers, right?!

Good news, if you are looking for a sail for a boat, you can borrow my dress! We found out the hard way...

I am getting carried away with the pictures so I am sorry. But I just love how everything came together and how smashing everyone looked! It really was such a great day!

Thank you to our mothers who pulled everything together! The Wiser family, who let us take over their backyard and destroy it with popcorn. The extended family who helped set up, create and serve such marvelous things (especially in the wake of my flower meltdown), you are all angels! And thank you to everyone who even gave us a thought on that day! We LOVE you all so don't ever forget it!


Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This last weekend the wedding showers began! And they are continuing on through the rest of this month. Needless to say, Casey and I are super excited! Not only to have wonderfully thoughtful gifts to fill our apartment, but to merge both families.

So last Saturday we began with the Call/Butterfield family shower. It was so much fun! Can I just say how spoiled Casey and I are? Very lucky! My sisters and mom were alongside me as we met Casey's extended family. They are the sweetest people on the planet. We really enjoyed ourselves and were so happy and blessed to have met them all!

With each gift, came a piece of advice. My momma wrote down every single one for Casey and I to read together later. One of our favorites came from his aunt Diane. She said, "Don't do any job or task, unless you are prepared to do it for the rest of your married life. It is called Strategic Incompetence. This had us all laughing. And it is something I will definitely be using...and I am sneaky so Casey won't even know!

Afterwards we went ahead and took some of our lovely gifts to the apartment. We immediately placed the cross stitch picture that Casey's sister Camille made for us, on the wall. It really looks like it was meant to be there this whole time. We then placed the rest of the gifts away, just ready and waiting to be used until we are both finally there!

We are so excited for this last month of wedding planning fun! And we are so grateful to all of our family and friends for making it happen. It is going to be a month of chaotic and crazy adventures! Can't wait to embark on them all!

P.S. most, if not all of the pictures of the shower were taken with fingers covering the flash...haha high five Rachel!


Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Let The Countdown Begin!

In one month, we will be marriaged! ONE WHOLE MONTH!

It is really hard to believe that we have been engaged for 6 months. It is time to be done! But really it has flown by.

Engagement Night!

In honor of our one month countdown, we wanted to share a link to some of our bridals/groomals. Our photographer Whitney, who is GreyGiraffe Photography (this is a link to their blog/our pictures!), did an absolutely amazing job! We are so excited with these pictures so far, and can't wait for the rest! Really if you need a photographer, do yourself a favor and go to Whitney.

Also, I want to mention our florist Lizy's Lilies! My bouquet for the shoot was only a toss bouquet and it was stunning. Holy flowers! She is the best. You will want to be her best friend. So if you need a florist, Lizy should be your first pick.

So as if that didn't help us get into the wedding spirit, we planted flowers for the reception on Monday. It will be a beautiful day. MARK MY WORDS.  It will be beautiful for many reasons, but the reception is going to be like the cherry on top...except cherries are gross so it will be better than that.

Shout out to my lovely cousin Laurie for doing my hair . It was perfect! Casey loved it!

Happy May 9th!


Sunday, May 6, 2012

Coon Hunting!

Our newest discovery: Our apartment has raccoon's! Lots of them! Probably babies too!

You can imagine our excitement, especially after being told that there is a strict no pet policy for the apartment. It is like our own little secret, we are such rebels...except we already told the landlord. Not only are they mean, but they are rabid and loud. But that is ok, it is just apart of having coons living in your wall/used-to-be fireplace.

I have also taken it upon myself to name them after our future dogs. For now we have Chewy (for Casey) and Keith (for me). We aren't exactly sure how many there are but if I had to guess I would say at least three? The other one goes unnamed because I am mad that it is there. It is like we are living in Where The Red Fern Grows but at the same time it really isn't at all. I just know they hunt coons in that book and the dogs die. It is horribly sad. Especially since they didn't hunt all the raccoon's in the world so now we have them in our apartment.

On a positive note, I have always loved the Pocahontas movie and she has a pet raccoon. His name is Meeko. It is like I really am Pocahontas. She changed her name to Rebecca you know? Coincidence maybe...

Anyway, for now we are just going to try and force them out with a lovely selection of tunes. Hopefully that will do it and more extreme measures will be avoided. Here is to hoping our upstairs neighbors love Linkin Park as much as Casey does!

Happy coon hunting everyone!


Monday, April 30, 2012


This weekend we began moving into our lovely little apartment! Well, Casey started moving in. There are about two whole things in there as of now.

We went for a little walk through before hand and noticed a few things that we need to take care of. Starting with some SPIDERS! AHHHHHH! But do not fear, that is why they make bug spray, vacuums and Casey of course.
Anybody else notice the ghost orbs?!?!
Other than the spider massacre that needs to happen, we need to dust like mad! We turned the ceiling fan on/off the other day and Casey reached up to help slow the blades down and that lead to the dust storm of 2012. So that will definitely have to be dealt with before either of us are there.

Now we have the coffee table and the dining room table there just waiting for us to join them! We had to fix up the coffee table a bit...I put it together with the help of some friends when I first moved out...I used my pots and pans. Poor thing needed some help! Anyway, slowly but surely everything will get moved in. We have awhile so no rush here!

In other news, Casey's soccer and flag football season continue on. He gets to play football with at least one brother, Chad, most of the time. This last Saturday though, his brother Chris was able to play. So we just had to take a brothers picture! Awwwww! So cute right? Right!

Chris, Casey and Chad! Bfffff's!

So that is that! We are both done with school and are ready to begin the final month countdown until our day of marriage. Huzzah! Exciting stuff my dear friends.


Saturday, April 28, 2012

Proposal Redo!

Don't freak out anyone! I am the one that did the reproposing!

We received Casey's ring in the mail last week and we were pretty excited (thus the first proposal!). It was just a simple black band. Casey had insisted that he had to have black. There was no discussion.So we ordered it. And it got here. And then I proposed. And then we found out it was too big. And then Casey decided black wasn't such a great idea. And then we sent it back. And then we got a new ring!

Funny side note: Casey's friend Matt had warned him about black rings...he said black rings belong on black people. Haha we laughed! And sadly it is true, so that makes it not racist. 

Sooooo we went suit shopping yesterday! Holla! Casey is going to be a STUD! He already is! I hate to admit it but he wore a BYU shirt the other day and oh boy he looked supa fine! Anyway, so before my mom and I left for Mr. Mac, my mom texted me to let me know that the ring came. Naturally we had to bring it so I could repropose in public! Duh.

Just after Casey had been fitted I waited outside his dressing room with the ring. It was really stupid and I felt incredibly awkward but I had to do it! And well you can figure out the rest. He said yes and the ring fits/looks a lot better than the first one!

Beat the photographer to this cliche shot.

In true pretend photographer fashion, I had to take a picture of our rings together. I didn't have a great picture of my ring anyway so it made sense to me to take some photos!

We also had the opportunity to attend a couple of weddings this weekend. It was fun for us! It was kind of a sneak preview in a way. I loved it! Plus it was fantastic to see a bunch of the girls I have known since elementary/jr. high. You all looked beautiful! And it was so good to see you all again! Shout out to Camie and Judd, you guys are a beautiful couple and both Casey and I are envious excited for you!

Our invitations have arrived! If you are reading this and wanting an invitation, make sure we have your address! Or updated address if you already sent it to us. We would hate to miss your smiling face, whoever you are! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!


Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brighten Your Day!

This was our car ride to church on Sunday. Specifically the singing of the mocking bird song because there was nothing on the radio so we turned it off. Though I also went through a "You can't triple stamp a double stamp" phase a little while ago. We concluded that we may have watched this movie one too many times, if that is even possible!

Makes me laugh every single time. Fun fact: My dear Grandpa Lyle (who coincidentally has a FANTASTIC sense of humor) hates Jim Carry; doesn't find him funny at all...this usually happens when he sees a movie and expects it to be serious. That really would be disappointing though, if you put yourself in his shoes. You go Grandpa!

Anywho, I hope the thought of Casey and I singing this to each other makes someone out there happy! We sure found it amusing. And now I am off to take a final, and enjoy some hi-spanic cuisine with my honey! Sing on my friends!


Monday, April 23, 2012

July 30th....

Casey and I met in a slightly funny way. Blame it on church, blame it on Jenna, blame it on Facebook? I give most credit to Jenna. After all, I did go to church with her that one day and vaguely remember seeing someone in a blue shirt. She also was the one who volunteered my available-ness when Casey asked her who she was with at church that day. Next thing I know I am sitting in my bed at Bear Lake, listening to Jenna tell me about Casey and how he and his friends were "the hottest guy(s) ever" (if you know Jenna, this is every guy she comes across). One night specifically, right as I was falling asleep she said "Becca...Casey loves you". All I could say was "Oh my gosh", in a yeah right, whatever sort of way.

At that point Casey had already added me on Facebook. I figured he was harmless! Plus Jenna told me about how he had the same hatred for people wearing ugly shoes as I did (so if you do wear, or have worn ugly shoes we probably judged you...sorry!). And that my friends was a huge deal. Can you say shallow? So I accepted. I probably just wanted attention. About two more weeks passed (I know you are all dying for me to get to the point already), and it was time for the Katy Perry concert! Which was amazing. That night I told Jenna and J-Koff to give this Casey guy my number. And so they did! Withing the next few days I received a clever text fact: Casey, with the help of Jenna came up with two texts to send to start off our conversation...not a single one of us remember what it said but it had to do with ugly shoes. And so we were off and talking!
Picture from our first date dinner!

That night he quoted Katy Perry lyrics to me. Not in a romantic/cheesy/pathetic way, but in a witty and hysterical way instead. We talked about our love of Joy Luck (the site of our upcoming wedding dinner!), and how we would have to go at some point. So a date was in sight! That whole week went on with us texting back and forth and then he called to ask me out. I smiled the whole time. That was the first time I heard his voice and I quite liked it. You can ask my sisters. He asked me out for that Saturday, July 30th, on a double with Jenna and his friend Dan Campbell.

When the guys came to the door that night Casey gave me a high five, that has since been our thing I guess you could say (High five for weddings!). We got in the car and Casey tried to get us to pray before we left, and then listen to the scriptures while we drove. Neither actually happened.The plan was for us to go to Joy Luck,of course and Boondocks! This leads me to what inspired this post. We collected a lot a lot of tickets that night and for whatever reason I decided that it would be soooo funny to only get those dumb plastic jumping frogs. And so we did....

Frog love!

Those are our frogs. Casey found them in his room the other day and almost threw them out! WHO DOES THAT?! I'm glad he saved them.

We have lots of fun memories from our first date! Jenna and Dan lost the bowling bet...wink wink! Casey disappeared on the go-karts. I beat him at air hockey. We matched. My shirt came unbuttoned while we bowled. Casey accidentally flashed his 6 pack. We held hands. Casey got scared of the movie in the first 2 minutes. We went to 7/11. We all ate starbursts. And Casey and I have been together ever since!

Cute huh?!?! I luph him. He is too cute. Especially when he goes along with my crazy antics like spelling things with plastic frogs...and having to sit on his shoulders/crush him with my thighs of steel to get a good picture of said frog words.

Bottom line, we are getting marriaged. And we have had a lot of exciting adventures these last 8 months.  And we are thupa dupa excited! So excited that I proposed to Casey today when I got his ring. I am so nice!

As my dad told us the other day, "Our life is amazing!". And we have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooo much more to look forward to!

Becca and Casey!

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Final wedding list:

  • Suits
  • Bridals/"Groomals"

We are looking forward to it! It is time to be done waiting for June. We can't keep moving the Wii from house to house. It is just too much!

Enjoy the sunshine!

Becca and Casey

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Whole Week Later...

Holy cows it has been twelve years since Casey or I even looked at this blog thing. We have had a super busy week! And it's only getting busier. Odd. Also, I wrote this on Sunday and now it is Tueday...I can't handle the picture formatting on this here blog, so then I quit trying.

Where to begin...seriously though. Do you ever feel like you have soooo much to tell, but so much has happened that you don't know where to begin? This is one of those times. And usually, I just give up and say something general about the time that passed (this occurs mostly after the Cole family Bear Lake week).

I guess I will just make note to point out the big things, day by day...maybe? If I can.

  • Saturday April 7th: We took our engagements! And they are so loverly. Shout out to my cousins Addison, Bre and Landon, for your help and expertise! We can't get enough of the shots. They did an amazing job! We then headed off to a family BBQ before our grand finale of activities...the Real/Colorado soccer game. What an experience. We love soccer drunkies! And to top the night off, we had a quaint egg dying ceremony. The end!

  • Sunday April 8th: Easter Sunday!!! We of course attended our church meetings, (Temple Prep what up?!?!) And then divided our time between two wonderful family celebrations! It was a "hoppy" day.
  • Monday April 9th: Start of the school/work week. And Casey's indoor soccer team, who knew right? 
  • Tuesday April 10th: Painted the new Next Gen Auto office. Good practice for when we get to paint future homes...I hope! Got our engagements back! Yeehaawww! Casey went got his first tooth crown. Huzzah for the king.
  • Wednesday April 11th: Casey's last day of school. Painted more of the office. Work work work.
  • Thursday April 12th: School! Cancelled flag football game. Dinner at the Call House.
  • Friday April 13th: Work work work work. Drove to Lehi. Mom and Grandma finished our quilt top (it’s as beautiful as it is massive)! Counted money jar (halfway there!). Movie night with Devin and Amber.

  • Saturday April 14th: Bridal show round 2, with Momma Cole, Auntie Lissa and Jessie (who is also engaged...high five!). Birthday celebrations for CASSIE B!!!! Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (my favorite!). Topped off with a showing of The Lion King. 
  • Sunday April 15th: Catch up on the blog...ooooooppppppsssss! Truman's homecoming a.k.a mini-and-long-anticipated family reunion. Maizie walk. Lots o' food! 
That is our week in a nutshell, minus all of our gym happenings. Those were quite abundant! Now for your viewing pleasure, Casey's flag football injury through the days:

That is only days 2 and 3...I guess I took more mental pictures than I did actual pictures. Now it is almost completely healed, save some crazy shin discoloration. And well that is the end of that! Happy trails everyone.

Becca and Casey

Friday, April 6, 2012

War of the Six Packs

A deal has been made. We decided that to help motivate our sorry selves into working out and actually seeing results, we decided to challenge each other. Our deal/bet is to see who can get a six pack the fastest. Casey has actually had one before while I have will be tough.

So far we have skipped our usual ab workouts and eaten out about two times. Our progress is slow. Old habits die hard I guess? Time to kick it into high gear.

You might be wondering what our rewards for each other might be. You will be surprised I am sure to know that they are both about food! Ironic yes? This reminds me of a little poster sign thing that I saw on Pinterest about how you are not an animal, do not reward yourself with food. JK I found it, here it is:

We like food too much though so finding another reward is just not worth our time. Red Iguana? Chik-Fil-A? California Pizza Kitchen? Yes please!

Onto the next workout message. Push ups. The devils exercise. I took an aerobics class back in high school and I was so excited because I had heard what a great class it was. Little did I know that by the end of the semester, we were expected to do 40 full stance push ups, without stopping. AHHHHH! I could barely do them from my knees. After the first day of class my muscles were so destroyed that I couldn't even muster up enough muscle memory to do a push up! By the end of the semester I was proud to say that I did 31/40. And more than half I did wrong I am sure, but the teacher cut me some slack because I was so pathetic. 

Casey has decided that this is the trick to improving our gym time. He even found this article to help support his cause Top Ten Fitness Tips and Tools. The article itself is really good! It even says to indulge in a slushie, so how bad could it be? Time to hit up the 7/11!

Here is his specific proof:

 Stick with Push Ups for Overall Fitness

Top 10 Fitness Tips and ToolsHow can something as old-school as a push up—hands on the ground, knees off the floor, and push—still be in use, and even be growing in acceptance? Because it works out your whole body, it's better on your back than crunches, and you can use your raw push up count as a graduated curve toward fitness, as with the Hundred Push Ups program. Some things about getting in shape never get tired. (Original posts: One Hundred Push Ups, why) 

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spiritualize yo'selves!

As Casey and I created this blog we brainstormed a lot of different post ideas, and then forgot them! But coming off of the conference filled weekend I remembered one that we talked about doing awhile back. The topic today is on creating the one and only love triangle that makes sense! This is not the traditionally thought of love triangle that teenage girls find themselves trapped into. You know, the one filled with deep despair? Yeah this isn't that! Instead I speak of the one between husband, wife and of course the Lord.

On our Joseph Smith The Prophet movie date!
To prepare ourselves for our life ahead we decided it was important to start good habits early. I always thought it was weird that some couples would read their scriptures together. Granted that was in high school so none of those couples were looking to be married...but anyway I understand and like the idea now! It just never crossed my mind that doing those little things at any point would be a good idea. Silly Becca.

So now Casey and I have begun our Church Journey together! Of course we do individual study as well but we are scripture buddies now and forever! Along with scriptures we have picked up some other church related works to keep us in check and ever progressing. Our favorite right now is The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox. When I was working at Deseret Book this book was really really popular! And I love it! And so does Casey! It has been a great learning tool. Definitely not something written to make someone feel like Satan, but to lift them up and remind them of blessins' instead.

Mr. Joe and Cassie B. movie date night!
Our spiritual adventure has also lead us straight to the temple! I confess that it is hard for us to get there as much as we would like to. But for us, even just sitting outside of the fence and having a good chat can make a difference. We do plan on attending more though, especially now that schoooool is ending.

We also decided to begin praying together. And that my friends has made all the difference. After we first got engaged my cousins wife Bre warned me about all the silly fights and things ahead. We have definitely had our share of those to be sure. However, because of this single act we have been able to keep ourselves in line! And to focus solely on the positive, and all the new adventures that come with this stage in life.

This post also reminded me of something I wanted to share! My lovely friend Kassie M. (not to be confused with Cassie B.), who I met while working at the Deseret, posted her thoughts from one of the conference sessions this last weekend.

"Some of my favorite thoughts from Conference so far: 

No pain will last. Create an environment where the Holy Ghost can teach. Learn and act upon what you learn, so you can learn more. It is possible to be active in the church but not active in the gospel. Make the gospel your foundation! The desire to know leads to the ability to hear. The love of God is at the heart of every good thing. Sacrifice brings blessings. Protect and use faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Believe that there IS a Balm of Gilead. Hard times can be a blessing. We are not diminished when someone else is added upon. Be kind and be grateful God is kind! Prepare for the sacrament. Be steadfast. Don't judge unrighteously. The light of Christ and the Holy Ghost can be our guide. Testimonies must be based on truth and faith. Be in tune with the spirit, not tone deaf to the music of faith. Pray, inquire, study, and ponder! God loves me."

Wonderful, right?! Every little bit of that I found applicable. And it was the perfect way to remind myself of the messages that were just shared. I think it is something I may try for the next conference and then every conference ever after that! She is just great. Guys, go date her.


Becca and Casey, Casey and Becca

Monday, April 2, 2012


It is time to say goodbye to the longest Monday that ever happened on this planet! I am not a morning person. Waking up for work this morning seemed unusually hard. Any reason? Not even one! Fortunately, being able to work as a nanny has turned out to be full of secret benefits. My favorite thus far is being able to nap when the baby naps (which by the way is permitted, I promise!).

America's Real Next Top Model
Following work for me and school for Casey it was gym time. We worked it out today people! Embrace the gym. It is only trying to help you. And then it was time for the days main purpose, the real reason why I rolled out of bed this morning. REGISTRATION TIME! Which is like t-shirt time. Since we did our invitations last week we decided it was probably a good idea to start our registries....just an idea. To Kohl's we went! 

We had a grand ol' time walking around and designing our future. Casey got to hold the gun thing and I was the list lady. We didn't fight, we just talked and joked and happily stayed on task. Registering is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. In the end we decided that we should register for any and everything just in case! You never know when you'll need something, and you never know when someone wants to bless you with another. So if we liked it, we scanned it on in! I think we got mostly mismatched items which will turn out to be interesting in the end, but at least we picked them together, right? 

Me, not registering for a vacuum.
My favorite item: the $850.00 flatware (p.s. this is my use of sarcasm) (p.p.s that was my use of condescension). Now, you may be thinking that is insane. If so, you will be relieved to hear that it was a complete accident!!! After looking through all of our choices we decided to go with the one without a price sticker (I don't know why). Once we got home I immediately pulled up the list just to see if we had missed anything and BAM! Right at the bottom was our $850.00 flatware set. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would be that much?!?! People are cray. And apparently this is my real talent, liking the most expensive options available. My mom made the comment that "it goes down the disposal the same as the $20.00 flatware". Wise words from a lady with a drawer full of wounded spoon soldiers. Oh my gash that is more than our future rent payment. 

Casey's favorite: the popcorn maker and the towels. He gets to have two since he was so excited about both of them. The towels in his words are "squishy". And give that boy popcorn and you have given him the world! His face lit up when he saw that popcorn maker, it was so funny! Behold my future. Love him!!!

One store down, two more to go! Wish us luck.

Becca and Casey

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Church and Love

It has been a couple of days since our last post. Keeping up on this thing is a challenge! A good challenge nonetheless. We have had a good productive week though so I better hop to it!

I guess we have a lot of good and big news!!! We'll start with the wedding stuffs. On Thursday I think it was we were able to design our invitations. FINALLY. Back in January I was able to attend a bridal show with my wedding woman entourage (Momma, Rachel (older sister) Jenna (younger sister) Amy (ROOMMATE BFFFFFFF's!!!! and of course Cassie B. and Mom in-law, in spirit). Whilst we were hitting up the fair we came across 1,000,000,000 invitations booths but that is besides the point because the first one we stopped at changed our wedding worlds! I WON A MAJOR AWARD...of $100 dollars off 500 invitations, custom design and insert cards included. Fantastic. Now two months later they are designed and ready to be proofed! Tada. One less thing to worry about.

Our next great news is that we were able to find a basement apartment in Bountiful. We had made a deal that we wouldn't start looking until the middle of this month or so but someone (Casey) couldn't help it. We looked at a couple of different apartments, talked back and forth with some sellers and all in vain. Each and every stinkin' time we looked, we were offered the apartment and Casey would tell them no. It is his like his new favorite game next to Skip-Bo. However, this time was different! We enlisted to help from lovely family members and this time it all worked out a little better. It will be awhile before Casey moves in but it is a good fit and great blessing. (shout out to Mr. Vowels, our new wardie!!!!)

Conference Love!!!
What else to talk about....Conference! What a joyous weekend we had. Since we both still live at home we split up the Sunday sessions with each family. We started out at the Call's, listening and learning and then had some delicious sandwiches following the session. It really was such a great time. Maybe we'll do it again in 6 months time...! Then we were off to the Cole house to enjoy the second half of the day. This session included puzzles and really spicy salsa. Holy cows so so so spicy. Again we enjoyed the time we had to learn and grow and chat.

Last conference Casey and I had endured our first fight. It was over BYU and Utah. Stupid, right? Behold our future. So it was nice to actually be with each other this time. We learned so much from the different messages. It is funny how in the different stages of life different things stand out in the talks. Needless to say, with marriage and new family beginnings on the brink, we have a lot of crazy things to prepare for. Things we hadn't thought about even. Soooo fun!

We bid you farewell

Becca and Casey