Tuesday, April 17, 2012

A Whole Week Later...

Holy cows it has been twelve years since Casey or I even looked at this blog thing. We have had a super busy week! And it's only getting busier. Odd. Also, I wrote this on Sunday and now it is Tueday...I can't handle the picture formatting on this here blog, so then I quit trying.

Where to begin...seriously though. Do you ever feel like you have soooo much to tell, but so much has happened that you don't know where to begin? This is one of those times. And usually, I just give up and say something general about the time that passed (this occurs mostly after the Cole family Bear Lake week).

I guess I will just make note to point out the big things, day by day...maybe? If I can.

  • Saturday April 7th: We took our engagements! And they are so loverly. Shout out to my cousins Addison, Bre and Landon, for your help and expertise! We can't get enough of the shots. They did an amazing job! We then headed off to a family BBQ before our grand finale of activities...the Real/Colorado soccer game. What an experience. We love soccer drunkies! And to top the night off, we had a quaint egg dying ceremony. The end!

  • Sunday April 8th: Easter Sunday!!! We of course attended our church meetings, (Temple Prep what up?!?!) And then divided our time between two wonderful family celebrations! It was a "hoppy" day.
  • Monday April 9th: Start of the school/work week. And Casey's indoor soccer team, who knew right? 
  • Tuesday April 10th: Painted the new Next Gen Auto office. Good practice for when we get to paint future homes...I hope! Got our engagements back! Yeehaawww! Casey went got his first tooth crown. Huzzah for the king.
  • Wednesday April 11th: Casey's last day of school. Painted more of the office. Work work work.
  • Thursday April 12th: School! Cancelled flag football game. Dinner at the Call House.
  • Friday April 13th: Work work work work. Drove to Lehi. Mom and Grandma finished our quilt top (it’s as beautiful as it is massive)! Counted money jar (halfway there!). Movie night with Devin and Amber.

  • Saturday April 14th: Bridal show round 2, with Momma Cole, Auntie Lissa and Jessie (who is also engaged...high five!). Birthday celebrations for CASSIE B!!!! Dinner at California Pizza Kitchen (my favorite!). Topped off with a showing of The Lion King. 
  • Sunday April 15th: Catch up on the blog...ooooooppppppsssss! Truman's homecoming a.k.a mini-and-long-anticipated family reunion. Maizie walk. Lots o' food! 
That is our week in a nutshell, minus all of our gym happenings. Those were quite abundant! Now for your viewing pleasure, Casey's flag football injury through the days:

That is only days 2 and 3...I guess I took more mental pictures than I did actual pictures. Now it is almost completely healed, save some crazy shin discoloration. And well that is the end of that! Happy trails everyone.

Becca and Casey

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