Friday, April 6, 2012

War of the Six Packs

A deal has been made. We decided that to help motivate our sorry selves into working out and actually seeing results, we decided to challenge each other. Our deal/bet is to see who can get a six pack the fastest. Casey has actually had one before while I have will be tough.

So far we have skipped our usual ab workouts and eaten out about two times. Our progress is slow. Old habits die hard I guess? Time to kick it into high gear.

You might be wondering what our rewards for each other might be. You will be surprised I am sure to know that they are both about food! Ironic yes? This reminds me of a little poster sign thing that I saw on Pinterest about how you are not an animal, do not reward yourself with food. JK I found it, here it is:

We like food too much though so finding another reward is just not worth our time. Red Iguana? Chik-Fil-A? California Pizza Kitchen? Yes please!

Onto the next workout message. Push ups. The devils exercise. I took an aerobics class back in high school and I was so excited because I had heard what a great class it was. Little did I know that by the end of the semester, we were expected to do 40 full stance push ups, without stopping. AHHHHH! I could barely do them from my knees. After the first day of class my muscles were so destroyed that I couldn't even muster up enough muscle memory to do a push up! By the end of the semester I was proud to say that I did 31/40. And more than half I did wrong I am sure, but the teacher cut me some slack because I was so pathetic. 

Casey has decided that this is the trick to improving our gym time. He even found this article to help support his cause Top Ten Fitness Tips and Tools. The article itself is really good! It even says to indulge in a slushie, so how bad could it be? Time to hit up the 7/11!

Here is his specific proof:

 Stick with Push Ups for Overall Fitness

Top 10 Fitness Tips and ToolsHow can something as old-school as a push up—hands on the ground, knees off the floor, and push—still be in use, and even be growing in acceptance? Because it works out your whole body, it's better on your back than crunches, and you can use your raw push up count as a graduated curve toward fitness, as with the Hundred Push Ups program. Some things about getting in shape never get tired. (Original posts: One Hundred Push Ups, why) 

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