Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Spiritualize yo'selves!

As Casey and I created this blog we brainstormed a lot of different post ideas, and then forgot them! But coming off of the conference filled weekend I remembered one that we talked about doing awhile back. The topic today is on creating the one and only love triangle that makes sense! This is not the traditionally thought of love triangle that teenage girls find themselves trapped into. You know, the one filled with deep despair? Yeah this isn't that! Instead I speak of the one between husband, wife and of course the Lord.

On our Joseph Smith The Prophet movie date!
To prepare ourselves for our life ahead we decided it was important to start good habits early. I always thought it was weird that some couples would read their scriptures together. Granted that was in high school so none of those couples were looking to be married...but anyway I understand and like the idea now! It just never crossed my mind that doing those little things at any point would be a good idea. Silly Becca.

So now Casey and I have begun our Church Journey together! Of course we do individual study as well but we are scripture buddies now and forever! Along with scriptures we have picked up some other church related works to keep us in check and ever progressing. Our favorite right now is The Continuous Atonement by Brad Wilcox. When I was working at Deseret Book this book was really really popular! And I love it! And so does Casey! It has been a great learning tool. Definitely not something written to make someone feel like Satan, but to lift them up and remind them of blessins' instead.

Mr. Joe and Cassie B. movie date night!
Our spiritual adventure has also lead us straight to the temple! I confess that it is hard for us to get there as much as we would like to. But for us, even just sitting outside of the fence and having a good chat can make a difference. We do plan on attending more though, especially now that schoooool is ending.

We also decided to begin praying together. And that my friends has made all the difference. After we first got engaged my cousins wife Bre warned me about all the silly fights and things ahead. We have definitely had our share of those to be sure. However, because of this single act we have been able to keep ourselves in line! And to focus solely on the positive, and all the new adventures that come with this stage in life.

This post also reminded me of something I wanted to share! My lovely friend Kassie M. (not to be confused with Cassie B.), who I met while working at the Deseret, posted her thoughts from one of the conference sessions this last weekend.

"Some of my favorite thoughts from Conference so far: 

No pain will last. Create an environment where the Holy Ghost can teach. Learn and act upon what you learn, so you can learn more. It is possible to be active in the church but not active in the gospel. Make the gospel your foundation! The desire to know leads to the ability to hear. The love of God is at the heart of every good thing. Sacrifice brings blessings. Protect and use faith in the Lord Jesus Christ. Believe that there IS a Balm of Gilead. Hard times can be a blessing. We are not diminished when someone else is added upon. Be kind and be grateful God is kind! Prepare for the sacrament. Be steadfast. Don't judge unrighteously. The light of Christ and the Holy Ghost can be our guide. Testimonies must be based on truth and faith. Be in tune with the spirit, not tone deaf to the music of faith. Pray, inquire, study, and ponder! God loves me."

Wonderful, right?! Every little bit of that I found applicable. And it was the perfect way to remind myself of the messages that were just shared. I think it is something I may try for the next conference and then every conference ever after that! She is just great. Guys, go date her.


Becca and Casey, Casey and Becca

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