Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On our first blog post ever we mentioned how this would be our blog baby! Later, our sister in-law Britt commented saying that she read it as a "baby blog". This was no bueno! I digress. Babies, while cute are just miniature humans. That means they do a lot of the same things we do but in smaller ways. Which is gross sometimes, so we'll just be the fun aunt and uncle for awhile. But that got me a thinkin' about a little project that could be an adventure! So if you happened to chance upon the title of this post you may have guessed what this could possibly be about.

Babymorphs. Inspired by Animorphs, the popular 90's book serious. Only this is completely different! Before church one Sunday, Casey and I sat down at the computer and decided to morph our faces together in a effort to see what our kids could possibly look like! If you are interested, this is the website we used . FUN FACT! This site also lets you morph your face with a celebrity so you can have your own little celebritot! Is that great news or what?! You can have imaginary half famous kids. Think about it. Consider yourself warned though, this place makes some crazed babies...

So since we live in Utah, the "When are you thinking of having kids?" is a really common question for young, childless couples. This question doesn't bother me or Casey one bit! Thus our exciting Babymorphs project. I don't think we could have ever felt more awkward than we did as our results loaded. At first we didn't realize that just by clicking on what gender you wanted shown first would show a kid at any age. So the first two were very odd. Apparently we have some Latin American roots. That is all I will say about that. After that fail we decided to just push the baby button! This was even weirder! Here is our first result:

Look at the face on that baby. WEIRD, RIGHT? It might be the mouth, or the face. Or the whole baby. That baby is all face. I can't stop saying or thinking that. The face on that baby. So much face. This is just weird. So Casey and I do not accept responsibility for this child. The more I look at it the less words I have. In all seriousness though, if our kids really look like this I do not stand by any of those statements. Just FYI.

Casey's thoughts: "That's my boy...girl? Huh?"

We seriously laughed over this for awhile. And the whole way to church I was a little panicked, which made this even funnier! Our scary child will bring us together though. So this is actually an upper!

Now morph away my funny friends! May you have great success in all your endeavors.


Casey C. & Becca C. & Face Baby

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

A New Day

Showin' off our new hairdos! And facial capabilities.
Today was another seemingly productive day! We both got our hair did (I promise my hair isn't green like the picture), beat one million levels on Super Mario, made some tastey Roast Beef Aju, and worked out like crazy at the gym. Funny part of being at the gym today: Casey and I made a poor decision and went tanning yesterday since our engagements are in two weeks...BIGISH MISTAKE! I tan very easily so I thought I could handle it, and Casey used to tan quite a bit. Well Casey's face is now pink and I got burned in places that you shouldn't get burned. So trying to workout and keep the sweat from hitting the burns was quite the task. However, we were up to it!

Whilst visiting the gym facility I decided that it was time to mix it up again I just chanced upon this ab workout and wanted to share it. I am most def trying this out next time Casey and I are at the gym. Bless you Women's Health for always having new workouts for me to try! People always say how important it is to mix it up so that your body continually gets stronger, so that is what I will do! Here ya go friends:

2 of 6

The Sprinter

Even otherwise slender, fit women can end up with a sway belly die to underworked lower-abdominal muscles. Runners and other cardio junkies are notorious for letting their middle go soft while they spend hours on their legs. This move is designed to tap into the deep abdominal muscles—the transverse abdominis—that pull in your waistline like a natural corset.

To Do It:
A. Lie on your back with your arms at your sides, your legs straight, and your heels hovering 6 to 12 inches off the floor.
B. Start sitting up while elevating your left arm with the elbow bent so it resembles a sprinter's pumping motion. At the peak of the situp, bring your right knee to your chest. Return to the starting position, keeping your legs raised, and repeat with the opposite arm and leg. That's 1 rep.
Casey says "This doesn't look fun". Usually when it doesn't look fun, it isn't fun but it is effective! That means we are going to do this until we die...or see results. Whatever comes first! Good luck to you all. P.s. finally put up the GTL exercise page so don't be afraid to check that out either!
Casey and Becca

Monday, March 26, 2012

In a word: Golf

Golf and stuff!
This last weekend was packed with a bunch of new adventures. We managed to stay busy at every second of everyday which was sooo nice. Casey said it best when he said "I feel like we have accomplished so much this last couple of days without really doing anything". And that is the truth!

Saturday was an exciting day. Our plans changed quite a bit but it was all for the better. We were able to play some crazy good tennis to start and then went to see our reception site! It was beautiful! My parents BFFFF's offered up their Centerville backyard for the occasion and it really is going to be perfect! Come June 9th Disneyland will have to hand over its title of "Happiest Place on Earth" because my mom and her friend Sky have some serious plans for the place. Thank goodness for their design expertise and experience, without it I would be a mess! It's going to be AH-MA-ZING.
The master at work

Later in the day Casey decided there was no better time to begin his golfing career. If you know my dad you know he is a golfing fanatic. That is even an understatement. Bless his heart he tried to all of us kids to play growing up. I simultaneously failed and succeeded, eventually leading to my four year sabbatical from the sport. So instead he always told us girls that we better marry someone willing to go golfing with him, or else! Casey has been more than happy to oblige, so off to the driving range we went! Here is our adventure in pictures:
Instruction time!
Funny side note: Casey's first move was to drop the bag of clubs as he took them out of the car...or so it seemed. The strap on his bag broke. Sooo funny! I think my dad may have shed a tear.

We had a lot of instruction time! Since Casey was just learning and I am just terrible. My dad was a great help and I think he really enjoyed passing along his wealth of golf wisdom. It was also nice for him and my mom to start warming up for their golf season!
Momma Cole (Deb Tina)

 As it turns out, Casey is sort of a natural. I guess you could say he is an athlete. He will never admit to his talent but it's there! Even when we play tennis...last summer he wanted nothing to do with it but now he kills me just about every time! Maybe we will have semi athletic children. One can only hope.

The rest of our day continued to be impressive. We got ourselves all gussied up and went to the "fashion show" that is City Creek! That made us 2 for 3 on all of Utah's main events this weekend. It was really cool to see all the new stores, and to people watch (that will probably turn into a real sport because of this mall). It was super neat! So everyone will have to make their way there.

To top it all off we made our way home to begin our Lo
rd of the rings marathon, extended edition. I have always loved these movies with the burning passion of a thousand suns! Casey, however, has never seen them!!! Without much arm twisting he agreed to watch them with we, and watch them we did. With the exception of the third one I guess. We will save that for another day!

Our marathon continued on into Sunday after our meetings. We had a great Sunday. A great fast and testimony meeting. A great break the fast. A great dinner. Great movies. And to top it all off, homemade Caramel Cinna Bun things. I really hate cinnamon, but those things taste amazing. Props to Deb Tina on her baking skills and Pioneer woman for this recipe. See recipe right down there:

*Diabetes may be eminent upon eating a sticky bun. But it's worth it.*

All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and very much needed! Between school and work we have really tuckered ourselves out. Needless to say we are looking forward to our next break...which means General Conference! Yipee!

Oh and only 76 days until we can play house!


Casey and Becca

Sunday, March 25, 2012

Family Field Trip

Last night we had to wonderful opportunity to spend the evening with my family for March birthdays! Since my Dad, Jenna and Aaron all had a birthday this month we decided to combine the three is a night of celebrations. Rachel and Jenna were happy enough to drive up from Orem, as well as Rachel's favorite man crush Anthony. And off we went in to get Aaron from Ogden!

Our agenda consisted of two things: Chik-Fil-A and Hunger Games. And honestly I could not have been more excited for Chik-Fil-A. They just get me, you know? Pretty sure I talked about it all day, and the whole car ride, maybe mentioned it during the movie, and also on the way home. That also seems a little strange since we ate first and then went to the was just too good to be true! We are just really classy people.

After dinner it was movie time, or should I say family photo op time?! This is us before the longest movie yet good movie ever. We are all smiling because we love Chik-Fil-A and family field trips! Fun fact: this is the most up to date family picture we have! Good thing it's at the Layton Tinseltown Cinemark. I smell next years Christmas card...

The night turned out to be a great success. We all had a lovely time cramped up in the car, talking and laughing. We also planned our next family outing, a BBQ and Real Game Surprise! Without the surprise part since we all know the plan. Tune in next time!

Casey Becca

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tad More Wedding Fun

Today was a wonderful day. MY DRESS SASH FINALLY CAME! And it is loverly. If I could just wear it with every outfit ever I would. So this is the sneak peak.
Pretty Things
It really completes the dress and I couldn't be happier with it! Yeehaw!

As far as the dress goes it is perfect in every single way! For a budget friendly bride, we got super lucky with this find. It fit without any alternations necessary and I was able to find it with my mom, mother in law and my two silly sisters. What could be better?!

So now it is just hanging in the living room (due to lack of closet space) zipped away for the next forever...or 2 and a half months (wooo!) And Casey just gets to walk past it every time he goes through the door.

Though I won't let Casey see the dress right now, we have decided that he will see it before the big day anyway due to bridals and "groomals" name. I digress. My wonderful boss told me how she wished she would have shown her husband before. She said that on the wedding day, there is never really a chance for your hot husband to take the whole look in. You're constantly moving from location to location, taking pictures and chatting the day/night away. Sooooo the moment that us girls fantasize about: he will cry and love you more than ever because you are looking supa fine in your wedding get up, may never actually happen!!! Unless you make it happen I guess! It is all a personal preference. 

For us though, we are going to take our pictures before hand and love it! Until that time I will just let Casey walk past the dress and pretend to notice its presence. Oh and make him hold it up so I can take blog pictures! Yeah girl!


Casey (kind of) and Becca (mostly)

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Stuffs

Less than three months to go until Casey and I can finally just be married. Three months ago we were just newly engaged. And seven months ago we began dating! It is absolutely nuts how fast time has gone, but at the same time it seems to have stopped all together.

I remember our first trip to temple square. I was having a super weird day and had taken the bus to Bountiful so that we could go on a triple date. The night ended up being a lot of fun! Casey went more than out of his way to make sure I was happy and having a good night. He even joked about proposing to me there which didn't end up happening, because I am awkward in public. As we sat outside the temple everyone made jokes about how if we took a picture then that would seal the deal...haha literally. We took a  couple of pictures together and with everyone else and well here we are.

So for today's blog post, I will happily discuss in moderation the in's an out's of our wedding plans! Fortunately for us everything has sort of just fallen into place so these last three months are not going to be too stressful.
Our First Temple Square Date

Lets start at the beginning.

  • Day: June 9th 2012
  • Place: Salt Lake Temple
  • Reception: A Centerville Backyard Extravaganza!
  • Wedding Dinner: June 8th, Joy Luck
  • Colors: Coral, Gray and Yellow! 
  • Dress: BEAUTIFUL
  • Ties: Studly
  • Flowers: A happy colorful surprise
  • Photography: Grey Giraffe (look 'em up!)
  • Videographer: Luminuex Films
  • Food: Delicious
Ok so that isn't even close to everything but it is a general list of accomplishments! Our to do list is still big though...I think we have engagements, invitations, registering, bridals/goomals and the SUITS! I almost forgot about the suits. How awkward would that have been?  We are both excited and ready to check these things off. That will mean we are that much closer to the big day!

P.S. Pray for good weather my friends!

The Happy Couple

Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Money In The Bank

Plain and simple we are poor. And we are being constantly reminded of it. We tried to go to McDonalds  the other night to get a smoothie...drove there, realized neither of us could spare $2.50, and drove away. At least we can be poor together instead of individually. Welcome to almost married life I guess!

In the mean time, while we cut corners everywhere we can, we devised a plan to help us with upcoming expenses. MONEY JARS! This idea was a major epiphany for Casey and I. It all started when we found the bed that we want! It is a beaut! IKEA of course and we would definitely go for the black instead. We also concluded that since it has drawers, we won't have to buy a dresser just yet! However, it does come with a slightly pricey tag and that is where the money jars come into play.

This idea is not revolutionary. But wow it is effective! For the last month or so we have been piling loose change, birthday money, couch coins and even giftcards into the jar. No monies once placed in the jar are allowed out. As you can see this has paid off! No pun intended....Our jar is filled and more change is a coming!

Shout out to Mamma Cole for donating to the cause. She has probably put in more than Casey and I have...oops! Having this jar though has saved us some worry though. Soooo to all you youngins' looking to be married and things, start a jar. Not a jar like on that one horribly sad Disney movie (UP) but a happy jar that will bring you happiness when you are laying in your new bed or perhaps enjoying your vacation to the Amazon. Plus this could become some sort of tradition that you can keep up with throughout your marriage. Just a thought.

Happy spending!

The Calls

Tuesday, March 13, 2012


You know that song that says something like "I work out!"? Well that sums up a good portion of mine and Casey's evenings. With the exception of Sunday and one other day a week, we can be found showing off our muscles at Gimnasio de Oros, or Golds Gym. We really don't have anything to show off but boy do we have dedication! Or at least Casey does. For me it is kind of a Super Mario situation. I just merely "float" through the week gym wise...!

Wearing work out clothes!!!

Good news though, I have finally decided on a mantra and it goes like this: I LOVE THE GYM! I LOVE THE GYM! I LOVE THE GYMMMM! I don't actually love the gym but I do what I can to get there because it's something we do together, to be our best! I have also come to the conclusion that if I push myself to workout I can really enjoy most of the foods that I want to shove in my face every 5 seconds. Cheesecake, burgers, onion rings, cake, and most importantly BREAD!

And there are ways to make it fun. People always say that when you mix it up it doesn't seem so terrible. I am here to tell you that that is a very true statement. Thus we are starting a workout page for this here blogaboo! It will be a way for us to share our most favorite and successful exercise exercises.

So be on the look out! We will try our best to find new and fast turn around workouts as often as we can.

P.S. this website/magazine has great work outs and healthy living tips. Take a looksee!

Casey and Becca Schwarzenegger

Monday, March 12, 2012

Skip Bo-Bo-Di-Do!

WE LOVE GAMES!!!! Holy cows. Everything we do is a competition...well almost. Sometimes even our conversations turn into a race so to speak, which can be fun and can be not so fun. Really though. On occasion we go out of our way to avoid doing or saying something so the other person doesn't "win". Pathetic? Sooo much! But we do love each other I promise.

Whilst on our visit to Ari-Zo-Naaa, Curtis and Lindsay introduced us to our new favorite game: Skip Bo. We went bananas over this game! We have played it every Sunday since we've been home. And we will play with anyone so if you want to go up against us champs, I triple dog dare you to try. Except for we really aren't that great at this game...and we prevent each other from winning, so if you do play with us you're safe!

Other games we enjoy: Catch Phrase, Scum, Phase 10, and the occasional board game. Oh and Draw Something free on our phones. More often than not we are playing this game. It uses all of our phone battery, we can't ever figure out what our opponent is drawing and to top it off neither of us can spell so it's a real treat! Ahhh and we are crazy about some Shoot Bubble game that is also on our phones. It is completely mindless so we're really good at that one. Anywho, all of the games listed above have lead us to some pretty heated competitions! Like the time I made sure Casey was scum and that I was king because of his sassy Sasquatch remarks. Or when he skipped me in Phase 10 FOR NO REASON AT ALL! Which everyone knows not to do...not cool. Not cool at all.

We love to bowl!
One of the best times was while playing Catch Phrase with the rest of the fam. It was boys against girls, the word was elephant. My dad started to give the clues and Casey immediately blurted out "GIRAFFE!" Ummmm I don't know how he got to that conclusion...sooooo funny! Isn't he cute?  They ended up winning anyway so it worked out but we still laugh about this.

One time we bought a Wii. This has been a fun adventure as well! We have been lucky enough to fight our way through most of Mario Kart but we are stuck trying to unlock the final blasted Cup. It is super bothersome! And we have kind of given up since we can't seem to win. So then we try to play Super Mario...which apparently everyone and their dog comes out of the womb knowing how to play except for me. I just float in my little bubble while Casey works his way through each level. We get through the game faster if I just float. It is all done in good ol' fashioned fun though. There may be some frustrated shoe flicking in the process but hey, no hard feelings right?

So if you are looking for some laughable game night buddies, we're your couple! We will provide the games and your entertainment for the week...really though. Rachel and Anthony just played Skip Bo with us and they will happily provide testimonials if necessary. Happy game night fun everyone!

Caster and Becster!

Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dos Familias

The Call Family
Families are fun! Especially when they are nice and big. There is just so much more love to give and fun to have. Just tonight we had a wonderful family dinner at the Call home, eating tacos and getting ready for March Madness. It is exciting and nerve racking to jump into the mix of new family traditions. No, I did not make a bracket. Basketball is bad. But everyone from Casey's parents on down to his littlest nephews participated. The most exciting part was waiting to hear BYU's fate (the whole family is BYU obsessed, if you didn't already know).
Cole Cousins 
Anyway...families are fun! We both have unique dynamics as well, mostly because of the age differences between the two. While my family is still spending incredible amounts of time, partying with the extended relatives, Casey's family happily and crazily has started their own traditions between the siblings. Casey is the last to be getting married, and I am the first. I don't have any nieces or nephews and Casey has 23. It is a world of opposites! And it has been a great change for both of us!

 In recent weeks we have been spending a lot of time with the families. We took a trip to Arizona that was just absolutely amazing! We got to spend time with his brother Curtis and sister in law Lindsay, and their four beautiful girls. Those girls...holy cow! So funny and sweet. One of our favorite moments was when Casey told his 6 year old niece Zoey to go clean up her toys and she immediately turned around and yelled "You're stupid!" It caught us all off guard because she didn't even hesitate! Haha we had to laugh at that one. That trip was filled with a lot of laughs. Especially the car ride...we googled any and everything! You could probably quiz us on our state capitals and we would BLOW YOUR MIND!

We also spent some time with my family as we cleaned out my grandparents basement. That was a real treat for Casey! We needed his muscles though. We all talked and talked as we went back and forth up and down the stairs to get everything out. The crowning moment of the day probably came when my dad and cousin went to drive away to the they pulled out of the driveway the old toilet made a swan dive to the ground. It was loud. And it was funny because it's a toilet.

As of now we are just adjusting to the time splitting efforts that come with marriage. We are lucky though, we love each others family and never leave each others home without a smile! Yay for families!

Foreign Cusine

In recent weeks Casey and I have decided to tackle the culinary world! We have ventured to make different things like pizza, mac and cheese, and steak to name a few. We have been really successful which is super odd because I have never really spent time in the kitchen unless I was eating EVERYTHING and Casey...well Casey likes the gym and is the most picky eater in the world so he stayed away.

Well last night marked our 3 month mark until our marriage date (June 9th). So we decided to celebrate and put our skills to the test as we made a Filipino classic, Chicken Adobo! I should probably mention that Casey here served his mission in the Philippines and this was his favorite dish. Also, we were feeling pretty confident in ourselves so the task did not seem too daunting. And off to the store we went...

Our drive to the store consisted of scattered thoughts and a small insignificant argument as we discussed what grocery store we should grace with our presence. Luckily Casey's lovely mom (who we absolutely adore!) had most of the ingredients! That didn't stop us from buying any and everything though. We happily mozied through the store, without a cart, and pilled miles of groceries into our arms. We probably looked more suspicious than anything but we didn't care! We were on a mission!

30 minutes later we found ourselves back to the 'rents house ready to make some chicken stuffs. Soon after we opened the chicken we realized we definitely grabbed the opposite of what we needed. Instead of boneless skinless chicken thighs, we had bone-in skin loving chicken thighs! We just decided to go with it, it seemed to be fine.One hurdle down we began to assemble to rest of the ingredients. All of which were simple enough but leave it to us to overdo the pickling spice! And well, folks there you have it. The pickling spice did us in.

Casey of course immediately noticed, but not wanting to deviate from our plan I assured him it would be just great! Keep in mind I have absolutely no idea what this whole dish is supposed to look or smell like. The kitchen filled with the smell of weirdy chicken and cinnamon (one of my least favorite things in the world) and on it cooked.

One hour was time to eat! The longer the chicken cooked, the more the house smelled like cinnamon. Yuck. And then we sat down to eat. Casey took the first bite said it wasn't right and then kept eating. I took a bite and kept eating. Within minutes, our plates were cleaned and yet it was still time to order a pizza!

The moral of the story kids, is that we made Chicken Adobo wrong wrong wrong and ate it anyway...also Domino's really did improve their pizza! Consider me a fan! But do not fear. We redeemed ourselves one day later with a BBQ chicken, stuffing and broccoli masterpiece.

Thus concludes Becca and Casey's foreign cuisine adventure!

Saturday, March 10, 2012

A Life Blog

This is a life blog! And a happy one at that. Though we tried to avoid the blogging scene, Casey finally caved. Everywhere we went people would beg us "Please start a blog! You two are the most interesting people Ever. Ever. Ever." So here we are. On a Saturday night. Parents out of town, TV ringing in the background...and us creating a blog baby.

And so it begins...!