Wednesday, March 21, 2012

A Tad More Wedding Fun

Today was a wonderful day. MY DRESS SASH FINALLY CAME! And it is loverly. If I could just wear it with every outfit ever I would. So this is the sneak peak.
Pretty Things
It really completes the dress and I couldn't be happier with it! Yeehaw!

As far as the dress goes it is perfect in every single way! For a budget friendly bride, we got super lucky with this find. It fit without any alternations necessary and I was able to find it with my mom, mother in law and my two silly sisters. What could be better?!

So now it is just hanging in the living room (due to lack of closet space) zipped away for the next forever...or 2 and a half months (wooo!) And Casey just gets to walk past it every time he goes through the door.

Though I won't let Casey see the dress right now, we have decided that he will see it before the big day anyway due to bridals and "groomals" name. I digress. My wonderful boss told me how she wished she would have shown her husband before. She said that on the wedding day, there is never really a chance for your hot husband to take the whole look in. You're constantly moving from location to location, taking pictures and chatting the day/night away. Sooooo the moment that us girls fantasize about: he will cry and love you more than ever because you are looking supa fine in your wedding get up, may never actually happen!!! Unless you make it happen I guess! It is all a personal preference. 

For us though, we are going to take our pictures before hand and love it! Until that time I will just let Casey walk past the dress and pretend to notice its presence. Oh and make him hold it up so I can take blog pictures! Yeah girl!


Casey (kind of) and Becca (mostly)


  1. Make sure when you take your "Bridals and Groomals" to have someone take a picture of Casey when he first sees you in your dress and also of you seeing him. I thought of that almost to late for Jordan and Laurie so the photo I have is fun but poor quality.

    1. I always think about that picture and what a good idea it was. Thank you for the reminder!