Thursday, March 15, 2012

Wedding Stuffs

Less than three months to go until Casey and I can finally just be married. Three months ago we were just newly engaged. And seven months ago we began dating! It is absolutely nuts how fast time has gone, but at the same time it seems to have stopped all together.

I remember our first trip to temple square. I was having a super weird day and had taken the bus to Bountiful so that we could go on a triple date. The night ended up being a lot of fun! Casey went more than out of his way to make sure I was happy and having a good night. He even joked about proposing to me there which didn't end up happening, because I am awkward in public. As we sat outside the temple everyone made jokes about how if we took a picture then that would seal the deal...haha literally. We took a  couple of pictures together and with everyone else and well here we are.

So for today's blog post, I will happily discuss in moderation the in's an out's of our wedding plans! Fortunately for us everything has sort of just fallen into place so these last three months are not going to be too stressful.
Our First Temple Square Date

Lets start at the beginning.

  • Day: June 9th 2012
  • Place: Salt Lake Temple
  • Reception: A Centerville Backyard Extravaganza!
  • Wedding Dinner: June 8th, Joy Luck
  • Colors: Coral, Gray and Yellow! 
  • Dress: BEAUTIFUL
  • Ties: Studly
  • Flowers: A happy colorful surprise
  • Photography: Grey Giraffe (look 'em up!)
  • Videographer: Luminuex Films
  • Food: Delicious
Ok so that isn't even close to everything but it is a general list of accomplishments! Our to do list is still big though...I think we have engagements, invitations, registering, bridals/goomals and the SUITS! I almost forgot about the suits. How awkward would that have been?  We are both excited and ready to check these things off. That will mean we are that much closer to the big day!

P.S. Pray for good weather my friends!

The Happy Couple

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