Monday, March 26, 2012

In a word: Golf

Golf and stuff!
This last weekend was packed with a bunch of new adventures. We managed to stay busy at every second of everyday which was sooo nice. Casey said it best when he said "I feel like we have accomplished so much this last couple of days without really doing anything". And that is the truth!

Saturday was an exciting day. Our plans changed quite a bit but it was all for the better. We were able to play some crazy good tennis to start and then went to see our reception site! It was beautiful! My parents BFFFF's offered up their Centerville backyard for the occasion and it really is going to be perfect! Come June 9th Disneyland will have to hand over its title of "Happiest Place on Earth" because my mom and her friend Sky have some serious plans for the place. Thank goodness for their design expertise and experience, without it I would be a mess! It's going to be AH-MA-ZING.
The master at work

Later in the day Casey decided there was no better time to begin his golfing career. If you know my dad you know he is a golfing fanatic. That is even an understatement. Bless his heart he tried to all of us kids to play growing up. I simultaneously failed and succeeded, eventually leading to my four year sabbatical from the sport. So instead he always told us girls that we better marry someone willing to go golfing with him, or else! Casey has been more than happy to oblige, so off to the driving range we went! Here is our adventure in pictures:
Instruction time!
Funny side note: Casey's first move was to drop the bag of clubs as he took them out of the car...or so it seemed. The strap on his bag broke. Sooo funny! I think my dad may have shed a tear.

We had a lot of instruction time! Since Casey was just learning and I am just terrible. My dad was a great help and I think he really enjoyed passing along his wealth of golf wisdom. It was also nice for him and my mom to start warming up for their golf season!
Momma Cole (Deb Tina)

 As it turns out, Casey is sort of a natural. I guess you could say he is an athlete. He will never admit to his talent but it's there! Even when we play tennis...last summer he wanted nothing to do with it but now he kills me just about every time! Maybe we will have semi athletic children. One can only hope.

The rest of our day continued to be impressive. We got ourselves all gussied up and went to the "fashion show" that is City Creek! That made us 2 for 3 on all of Utah's main events this weekend. It was really cool to see all the new stores, and to people watch (that will probably turn into a real sport because of this mall). It was super neat! So everyone will have to make their way there.

To top it all off we made our way home to begin our Lo
rd of the rings marathon, extended edition. I have always loved these movies with the burning passion of a thousand suns! Casey, however, has never seen them!!! Without much arm twisting he agreed to watch them with we, and watch them we did. With the exception of the third one I guess. We will save that for another day!

Our marathon continued on into Sunday after our meetings. We had a great Sunday. A great fast and testimony meeting. A great break the fast. A great dinner. Great movies. And to top it all off, homemade Caramel Cinna Bun things. I really hate cinnamon, but those things taste amazing. Props to Deb Tina on her baking skills and Pioneer woman for this recipe. See recipe right down there:

*Diabetes may be eminent upon eating a sticky bun. But it's worth it.*

All in all it was a fantastic weekend, and very much needed! Between school and work we have really tuckered ourselves out. Needless to say we are looking forward to our next break...which means General Conference! Yipee!

Oh and only 76 days until we can play house!


Casey and Becca

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