Wednesday, April 24, 2013

So the happenings of our newest adventures have been going really well! I started my new job last Friday and things have been awesome. On Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays I work as the receptionist at the front desk and then on Wednesdays and Fridays I help out in the HR department. I am still a little nervous about being the receptionist. There are a lot of things I still need to learn how to do and that gives me a bit of anxiety!!! However, I do know that everything I need to know, I will learn in time. Today was my first day helping HR and I loved it! I love the people I work with already. Everyone is so fantastic and friendly. It is a really casual environment which helps me feel at ease. I am really lucky too because this Friday is the anniversary party for the company so we get to leave early for a bowling party. So all in all it is shaping up to be a good week.

We finished school this week! Still no word on Casey's final score for math. It does look like he passed everything else though...or at least using our very reliable math skills we have figured out that he did. Here's to hoping! Everything is going well at his work. He has been really busy and making sure he stays busy so the days go by fast. Flag football is still going. They had their first loss last week (probably because Nora and I weren't there). It sure is a fun time of year!

Nora is having a great old time being Nora. She has decided to expand her kleptomania tendencies to include my shoes. She has never shown interest in them before but yesterday the backyard was littered with all sorts of different pairs! I am thinking she's acting out since Casey and I aren't home as soon during the day. So we will just exercise her more and love her to death because she is the cutest thing on the planet!!!

Having some puppy snuggles!

That is all for now! 


Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Wow what a crazy couple of weeks Casey and I have had. I can't seem to remember where we left off with this thing! New updates for the blog though. I can't decide on a name or a design. Hopefully this one will stick for awhile.

Where to begin now...

School is coming to a close in the next couple of weeks. We are praying like crazy for Casey to pass his math class. That is probably our biggest stress at this point! Send out good vibes for him on Saturday as he ventures to his final. We are both terrible at math so it has been an interesting could say it was something along the lines of the blind leading the blind. As soon as this semester ends Casey will have a week or two of summer vacation and then he will start summer semester. I am very grateful for his determination to be done even though it will be a year of straight school. We are also very blessed that his job will allow him to still go and be full time.

Speaking of full time, it looks like I am headed away from the nanny baby and on to another wonderful job opportunity. Without all the details I will have you know that it really has been such a crazy couple of weeks because of this decision; it was not an easy one to make at first. I seriously just felt like I was floating the whole time this was happening and not necessarily in a good or bad way. We have never prayed as hard as we did for this! But I am so happy we did because both Casey and I feel a lot more peaceful now. And can I just say how grateful we are for our wonderful families who have been so helpful and have listened to me gripe about all of this for weeks?! We love you all.

We are really excited though because this is something that will really give us a head start on accomplishing some of our goals for the year. Fortunately this job will also allow me to work right along with my current boss, the nanny baby's mom! I am so excited about that because I just adore their family. So I will be the Office Manager for Axis 41, an advertising agency here in Salt Lake. I will be doing receptionist duties and will also be kind of an intern for their HR department. It is really bittersweet but I know the nanny baby has a fantastic new nanny and I am excited for what is ahead with this position. Definitely many prayers answered here guys. The church is true!

Now for the Nora update: We finished up with puppy preschool last week. Before we could receive the certificate we had to take her through a little course that went through all the training techniques we learned. Well Nora has the moves down but let me tell you...that dog is high maintenance. She was over the treats after five minutes so she would not respond to anything! And if we gave her a treat she would just spit it out on the floor and walk away. So we upped our treat choice and she was a total gem. We are happy to be done with that class for sure. As of now she is just a hairy muddy mess who will give you high fives upon your request!

So that is all for now. We are just trucking along!

Becca and Casey