Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't you just love it when Pinterest recipes are actually delicious!? I really really do. I have decided that if something looks good, sounds good and  the ingredients are normal, then it is my duty to try it out!

As a result we have been trying out a bunch of recipes lately, trying to branch out of our dinner rut. I have really enjoyed trying to play chef! Usually I am really bad at cooking but things are on the upswing (since I decided that reading the directions really is a good idea). Needless to say we have had some very exceptional meals as of late so I decided to share my favorite Pinterest finds...thus far....

I'm going to go ahead and NOT call these "Chicken Rollups" and ask that we never again use the term rollups for anything but fruit. Lets instead call them "Chicken Flauta Burritos".

This next one has made repeat appearances at our house! It is copycat PF Changs Mongolian Beef. And it is sooooo delicious!

And for dessert Homemade Chocolate Rolo Cookies. We had a general consensus that these are better when made from scratch rather than a cake mix.

Just for the record, these are not my pictures, these are directly from the links below them. Anywho...There are many more recipes that are coming up in the rotation, including some homemade enchilada sauce that really sounds AMAZING! I just thought I'd let you all in on these recipes now so you don't miss out any longer!

Thank you also to our mom's for also sending us recipe after recipe so we can eat our childhood favorites (the pork chops especially)!

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

 Well hello everyone....

It seems that time has yet again gotten away from me and so much has happened. I was looking through the pictures on my phone and realized that I take a lot of pictures intended for this here blog and then I never actually post them, or anything for that matter. So this post will be a bit of catch up through pictures! Enjoy!

The loss of her best friend; Her new favorite bedtime spot

Cole Family Reunion!

HAPPY FOURTH with our McConkey fam!

Standing in the car. Turns out this is the prime escape position.

She gets more and more weird every day! Just sits wherever she would like these days.


Grandma's headstone is finally in! It is a beauty!
I also wanted to mention our weekly Tuesday dinners with Grandpa Lyle. Oh the fun we have! Every week is something new and funny. It has been a great blessing to all of us to get to sit down with him and talk and laugh. Plus, it has given my sisters and myself and chance to work on our culinary skills (we don't watch the Food Network for nothing!). 

Nora is going very well. She has been super cuddley lately which is odd because she is usually way too hot. I am not complaining though. She is seriously my baby. She is also getting so weird! She watches us sleep (Casey has noticed), she loves pinecones, she uses us as stretching posts, and we are pretty sure she thinks she has hands...? Oh and the other night during our exciting game of fetch on the Mueller Park fields, she decided it was a good idea to chase a passing motorcycle down 1800. GAH! I thought my life was over. Lucky for us she remembered herself and she got scared and stopped dead in her tracks before she got dead in the road. 

We also had a wonderful opportunity to attend the temple last week. Just with all the sad things happening in the world lately I felt like I needed to be somewhere a little more hopeful. That accompanied by our stake conference made for a great week. President Taylor said something/reminded us of something that really stood out to me and I wanted to shout it out for all to hear! It is so simple, and we all already know, but basically he said that the church is a constant. It will not change as the world changes and we shouldn't expect it to. Jenna and I had just talked about this earlier in the week so imagine my surprise when he said this! It was fantastic! It was like he was there in our conversation or like he put a seal of approval on it. Amazing. 

Ok I will wrap it up now. Obviously a lot more has happened but I can't remember. Oops! We have had a great summer thus far. Casey finishes his finals tomorrow and then he has a week and a half to relax before school starts up again. Hopefully we will get some prime Lagoon time in! 

Bye bye now!


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Lets start this post of with what I woke up to yesterday morning:

I call this "The Creature"
Yeah mornings are really hard for Nora. She is definitely in the right family! Also disregard the mess.

Yesterday was jet skiing and boating day with the Call family! Everyone is in town from Airzona and Wyoming so we are spending lots of time together, which is fantastic! We headed up to Pineview and spent the blustery day playing in the warm sand and the crazy wavey water. You really wouldn't believe how crazy the wind was. Since I met Casey he talked about his family's beach day. It is probably his favorite day of the year and he has always looked forward to it. Even though the weather was just ok, we still managed to get some sun and had a most joyous time.

It has been forever since I have been at the beach with little kids. Really I have never quite been there with them, we were always the little ones at Bear Lake. Anyway, we made, decorated and destroyed sandcastles and laughed to our hearts content! Poor Casey had to study for his biology test that he had to take on our way home so he didn't play much.

Hiding from the wind (my least favorite element) and the sand

Our day just got so much better as we walked to our car to pack up, and my slippery poopy iPhone decided to jump from the ledge of my bag and shatter it's screen. It would be more fine if this wasn't my second iPhone in 3 months. I have never had such a problem with a telephone before and it makes me crazy! Good news is we had a warranty so it didn't cost us an arm and a leg to replace. It took forever though so that kind of put a damper on the rest of the night. Meh.

Now to end this post, another picture of Nora!

Also, still no movers. And so we wait...