Monday, February 25, 2013

Happy blog day! Yet another week of chasing dogs, work, and school has passed. 

We topped off Nora's shots with the rabies vaccine last Wednesday. That messed her up pretty bad. Poor thing was really sore and tired for the rest of the day. Really though it was wonderful because then she just held still and didn't chew on anything or anyone. So the bottom line is that I wish she could have a rabies shot at 5:00 every night. Next up for her is puppy preschool or just training school which starts on Thursday. The "hoity toities" at Petsmart went out of their way to tell us that she is not a puppy anymore so it really is just regular training. I love it when people share such useful information with me... It will go for six weeks and by the end she will be my minion. MARK MY WORDS! Oh and we got her papers and learned that her birthday is October 24th. For whatever reason, knowing her birthday has made me so happy! 

In other news, I had to lovely opportunity to assist in potty training the nanny baby this last week. Girlfriend was ready to be done with diapers so it was actually really easy. She has only had two accidents on my watch which is wonderful! Today she told me that she doesn't want to go potty in her pants anymore so she can't wear diapers, she needs to wear undies.

We are heavily in the midst of Casey's math ordeal. Growing up I always used to say that my husband would have to be good at math because there was no hope for me. Well I spoke to soon. Apparently there is no hope for either of us. So it is rather funny to have him relying on me for help. We are two dumbos watching math tutorials on YouTube. 

OOOOOH! My most exciting event from last week was finally purchasing a duvet cover! It took me forever to find one that was affordable and hip and with it. Of course though it was no where to be found when we went to pick it up (it even said it was in store...and that they had plenty in stock). So I gave in and just let us get the one Casey really liked. It is still a great pick so that is a plus, and it came with TWO accent pillows! Casey has a theory though, the lady that helped us just wanted all of my bedding to herself so she mislead us. I think this is a pretty true accusation. 

Love us.

Monday, February 18, 2013

This should probably be referred to as the lost blog. It is really hard to keep up on these things when you would rather just live in the moment rather than write about it. It has been since October since this thing has even been opened up, and some changes have definitely been made in our lives and to the blog (much better to look at now!). 

The changes are as follows: we no longer live in the "buggy" basement apartment, we are both students at Weber State, and as you all know we acquired a puppy monster! So now we are living in my parents basement (they have graciously agreed to let us crash here for as long as we need), still working and going to school. Oh and I guess another major change I should mention is Casey's new-ish job. He actually was offered the position last October...yep! He works at Tom Stuart Construction as an assistant purchaser. He is really good at this job and he really loves working there.

We have also immersed ourselves into loads of different TV shows. On a whim we decided to get Netfilx and since then all of our productivity has gone down the drain. That might be an exaggeration but it sure does feel like it! We started with The Walking Dead during Christmas break, and then Breaking Bad and now Gossip Girl. As lame as that sounds, that show is addicting! Even Casey is hooked. I guess watching pretend upper east siders bully each other is just what we were missing in life? Cool. We'll take it! Side note, our rule now is to go to the gym before any Netflixing can occur.

And now to address the puppy baby. She is really like our baby. We hold her like a baby and talk to her like a baby. Her name is Nora, she is a mini Australian shepherd and she is just four months old. Though she is a "mini" supposedly, she just keeps on growing...except for her head or so it seems. It sounds odd but really it just makes her even cuter. She really is a strange little creature. Her favorite past time includes collecting any and every item from the house and taking it outside. She doesn't necessarily chew on these things, she just wants them outside with her...who even knows. She also has a vast water bottle collection, so no more spending money on toys! Our favorite things about her: 
  • She runs sideways (possibly due to her docked tail a.k.a her "nubbin"...which is also a favorite of ours)
  • She can't jump onto things like the couch (she uses only upper body strength to pull herself up)
  • She has the biggest and squishiest paws on the planet!
  • She loves to be held (especially when we go on walks. And by we I mean me and Casey apparently)
  • She gives lots of kisses
  • She loves the snow
  • Her butt looks like a bear's bottom
  • She is afraid of everything...the broom, ironing boards, suitcases, loud noises, laundry baskets, basketballs etc.
  • And she likes to sit on other dogs

First time we saw her!

First bath

Happy Valentines! (notice the size difference!)

That pretty much sums up our current life status. Everything is nice and calm, which is just how we like it!