Tuesday, March 26, 2013

I have found a new hobby! Last semester at UVU I decided to try my hand at graphic design. The class was a total nightmare but I learned a lot! So I have put my skills to the test (and believe me the skills I do have are very limited!) and have made some handouts for relief society, different blog headers, and even Rachel's graduation announcement.

I really enjoy doing this stuff! I definitely need some more experience and I definitely need to try and remember where all the right buttons are but it is fun! So in short, if anyone wants any handout, announcement or something just for fun, I would love to make it for you! Oh and it's free!

Here are some examples, they are very beginner so don't judge:

Blog Header

Relief Society Poster Board

Graduation Announcement

Christmas Word Art

Monday, March 25, 2013

Bah! Where have all my days gone? I always let too many things happen without writing them down and then because so many things have happened I don't know where to start or I can't remember everything! Here goes nothing.

Our trip to Arizona was a success! Because of only one minor hiccup in Vegas, we managed to complete the 12 hour drive in one day. We were very very tired but very very happy that we actually got there sooner than anticipated. We really enjoyed spending time with everyone down there. It was great to see Curtis and Lindsay and the girls and Piper and Dixie! They are so fun to just sit and talk with so that was nice. It was also good to see Chris and Brit all settled into their new house and routine. We miss all of them so much! So needless to say we are really excited for any opportunity to present itself wherein we can go back. The weather was rainy and overcast just as we expected, but we went on some awesome hikes with the family our last day there, we got some shopping in and even a date night complete with the most amazing gelato I have ever had! Casey also got to play with Zac and Caleb on their rec league basketball team so that was an experience! We miss every stinking one of them. It was so hard to leave!

Upon our return we prepped Nora for her adventurous week ahead. She has been doing really well with puppy school, though we need to be doing better at practicing with her. She is becoming more confident and is just so happy and smiley! Her surgery went well...she threw up quite a bit once we got her home. She was really out of it too which was funny but the poor thing could hardly sit or lay down because of her sore muscles so she just stood places...very odd. Her newest development is her love of Trix cereal. It probably isn't good for her but her human food preferences are limited so we're ok with it.

As for everything else, we are just trucking along. Our last week was pretty crazy to say the least. We have had some wonderful opportunities present themselves to our little family and now we just need to be making smart decisions concerning them. Here's to hoping for happiness and peace of mind! We also put together this nice (dumpy Walmart) bookshelf/dvdshelf this weekend. It only took all of three or maybe even four tries to get it right. The finishing touch? A nice hammer swing hole to the back panel.  Lovely!

She sat here all by herself I swear.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Tis the day for a new blog psot....I meant post and I am too lazy to backspace.

Now I am going to make an attempt to remember the significant moments of the last week. There were some I think? I guess we will start with the Nor-whal a.k.a Nora!

This great puppy went to training school last week. She did pretty well! Though she has the attention span of something that doesn't have an attention span, we made some progress with her. There are only two other dogs in the class. One is a Golden Doodle named Martha (holy cute. I want one!) and the other is a rescue dog, not sure what breed, named Tess. Well Martha let out a bark which then led to Tess barking...nothing really groundbreaking because that is what dogs do...but Nora immediately hid behind and under Casey and his chair. So the main thing for us to do now is to help socialize her more. She is seriously afraid of everything so we have some work to do! Oh and the poor thing is getting fixed next week. Her life is proving to be an interesting one.

This week we are leaving for Arizona to visit with family! It will be a lot of fun and we are ready to hit the road. The weather however is not looking too good for us.It will go from 80's to 60's by the time we are there. Ever since we have been married, every vacation that we have been on has had horrible weather. The honeymoon, Bear Lake, some might and have even said our actual wedding day (which makes me sad so say it only in your head). Anywho, now Arizona is set to be cold and possibly rainy. We will still have a wonderful time though! Can't wait to see everyone!

Ooooh and now for my moment of jealousy! This isn't even my experience but it is too wonderful! My parents and Jenna totally saw Blake Lively at the Cheesecake Factory on Saturday. Jenna even told her she is a big fan (which Jenna, lets be real, you make fun of her way more than admire her), and she smiled and waved back. WHAT?!?! I am dying just thinking about it. I wouldn't be so sad if I had not just been there with Casey that night. Or watching Gossip Girl when Jenna told me. Total bummer! But really very cool. So now Jenna can add that to her list of celebrity fun right under free front row tickets to the Biebs. Whatever Jenna.
She is the blonde in the black coat and gray hat. AMAZING! And creepy.
Oh and side note...when I asked my silly mom about it, all she said was "Ugh she wasn't even with her husband so it doesn't even matter". I could tell she was really disappointed.