Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Don't you just love it when Pinterest recipes are actually delicious!? I really really do. I have decided that if something looks good, sounds good and  the ingredients are normal, then it is my duty to try it out!

As a result we have been trying out a bunch of recipes lately, trying to branch out of our dinner rut. I have really enjoyed trying to play chef! Usually I am really bad at cooking but things are on the upswing (since I decided that reading the directions really is a good idea). Needless to say we have had some very exceptional meals as of late so I decided to share my favorite Pinterest finds...thus far....

I'm going to go ahead and NOT call these "Chicken Rollups" and ask that we never again use the term rollups for anything but fruit. Lets instead call them "Chicken Flauta Burritos".

This next one has made repeat appearances at our house! It is copycat PF Changs Mongolian Beef. And it is sooooo delicious!

And for dessert Homemade Chocolate Rolo Cookies. We had a general consensus that these are better when made from scratch rather than a cake mix.

Just for the record, these are not my pictures, these are directly from the links below them. Anywho...There are many more recipes that are coming up in the rotation, including some homemade enchilada sauce that really sounds AMAZING! I just thought I'd let you all in on these recipes now so you don't miss out any longer!

Thank you also to our mom's for also sending us recipe after recipe so we can eat our childhood favorites (the pork chops especially)!

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