Sunday, March 11, 2012

Dos Familias

The Call Family
Families are fun! Especially when they are nice and big. There is just so much more love to give and fun to have. Just tonight we had a wonderful family dinner at the Call home, eating tacos and getting ready for March Madness. It is exciting and nerve racking to jump into the mix of new family traditions. No, I did not make a bracket. Basketball is bad. But everyone from Casey's parents on down to his littlest nephews participated. The most exciting part was waiting to hear BYU's fate (the whole family is BYU obsessed, if you didn't already know).
Cole Cousins 
Anyway...families are fun! We both have unique dynamics as well, mostly because of the age differences between the two. While my family is still spending incredible amounts of time, partying with the extended relatives, Casey's family happily and crazily has started their own traditions between the siblings. Casey is the last to be getting married, and I am the first. I don't have any nieces or nephews and Casey has 23. It is a world of opposites! And it has been a great change for both of us!

 In recent weeks we have been spending a lot of time with the families. We took a trip to Arizona that was just absolutely amazing! We got to spend time with his brother Curtis and sister in law Lindsay, and their four beautiful girls. Those girls...holy cow! So funny and sweet. One of our favorite moments was when Casey told his 6 year old niece Zoey to go clean up her toys and she immediately turned around and yelled "You're stupid!" It caught us all off guard because she didn't even hesitate! Haha we had to laugh at that one. That trip was filled with a lot of laughs. Especially the car ride...we googled any and everything! You could probably quiz us on our state capitals and we would BLOW YOUR MIND!

We also spent some time with my family as we cleaned out my grandparents basement. That was a real treat for Casey! We needed his muscles though. We all talked and talked as we went back and forth up and down the stairs to get everything out. The crowning moment of the day probably came when my dad and cousin went to drive away to the they pulled out of the driveway the old toilet made a swan dive to the ground. It was loud. And it was funny because it's a toilet.

As of now we are just adjusting to the time splitting efforts that come with marriage. We are lucky though, we love each others family and never leave each others home without a smile! Yay for families!

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