Wednesday, March 28, 2012


On our first blog post ever we mentioned how this would be our blog baby! Later, our sister in-law Britt commented saying that she read it as a "baby blog". This was no bueno! I digress. Babies, while cute are just miniature humans. That means they do a lot of the same things we do but in smaller ways. Which is gross sometimes, so we'll just be the fun aunt and uncle for awhile. But that got me a thinkin' about a little project that could be an adventure! So if you happened to chance upon the title of this post you may have guessed what this could possibly be about.

Babymorphs. Inspired by Animorphs, the popular 90's book serious. Only this is completely different! Before church one Sunday, Casey and I sat down at the computer and decided to morph our faces together in a effort to see what our kids could possibly look like! If you are interested, this is the website we used . FUN FACT! This site also lets you morph your face with a celebrity so you can have your own little celebritot! Is that great news or what?! You can have imaginary half famous kids. Think about it. Consider yourself warned though, this place makes some crazed babies...

So since we live in Utah, the "When are you thinking of having kids?" is a really common question for young, childless couples. This question doesn't bother me or Casey one bit! Thus our exciting Babymorphs project. I don't think we could have ever felt more awkward than we did as our results loaded. At first we didn't realize that just by clicking on what gender you wanted shown first would show a kid at any age. So the first two were very odd. Apparently we have some Latin American roots. That is all I will say about that. After that fail we decided to just push the baby button! This was even weirder! Here is our first result:

Look at the face on that baby. WEIRD, RIGHT? It might be the mouth, or the face. Or the whole baby. That baby is all face. I can't stop saying or thinking that. The face on that baby. So much face. This is just weird. So Casey and I do not accept responsibility for this child. The more I look at it the less words I have. In all seriousness though, if our kids really look like this I do not stand by any of those statements. Just FYI.

Casey's thoughts: "That's my boy...girl? Huh?"

We seriously laughed over this for awhile. And the whole way to church I was a little panicked, which made this even funnier! Our scary child will bring us together though. So this is actually an upper!

Now morph away my funny friends! May you have great success in all your endeavors.


Casey C. & Becca C. & Face Baby


  1. I wish you could hear my laughter at this moment. I'm sorry, but that is one UGLY baby! I would honestly be afraid of it! You guys are going to make a real baby one day and if it looks anything like that, I think I will scream whenever I see it. HAHA!!!!! Love you! Your blog is hilarious!!

  2. Hey that's ma baby it! Take it easy now!