Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Money In The Bank

Plain and simple we are poor. And we are being constantly reminded of it. We tried to go to McDonalds  the other night to get a smoothie...drove there, realized neither of us could spare $2.50, and drove away. At least we can be poor together instead of individually. Welcome to almost married life I guess!

In the mean time, while we cut corners everywhere we can, we devised a plan to help us with upcoming expenses. MONEY JARS! This idea was a major epiphany for Casey and I. It all started when we found the bed that we want! It is a beaut! IKEA of course and we would definitely go for the black instead. We also concluded that since it has drawers, we won't have to buy a dresser just yet! However, it does come with a slightly pricey tag and that is where the money jars come into play.

This idea is not revolutionary. But wow it is effective! For the last month or so we have been piling loose change, birthday money, couch coins and even giftcards into the jar. No monies once placed in the jar are allowed out. As you can see this has paid off! No pun intended....Our jar is filled and more change is a coming!

Shout out to Mamma Cole for donating to the cause. She has probably put in more than Casey and I have...oops! Having this jar though has saved us some worry though. Soooo to all you youngins' looking to be married and things, start a jar. Not a jar like on that one horribly sad Disney movie (UP) but a happy jar that will bring you happiness when you are laying in your new bed or perhaps enjoying your vacation to the Amazon. Plus this could become some sort of tradition that you can keep up with throughout your marriage. Just a thought.

Happy spending!

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