Monday, March 12, 2012

Skip Bo-Bo-Di-Do!

WE LOVE GAMES!!!! Holy cows. Everything we do is a competition...well almost. Sometimes even our conversations turn into a race so to speak, which can be fun and can be not so fun. Really though. On occasion we go out of our way to avoid doing or saying something so the other person doesn't "win". Pathetic? Sooo much! But we do love each other I promise.

Whilst on our visit to Ari-Zo-Naaa, Curtis and Lindsay introduced us to our new favorite game: Skip Bo. We went bananas over this game! We have played it every Sunday since we've been home. And we will play with anyone so if you want to go up against us champs, I triple dog dare you to try. Except for we really aren't that great at this game...and we prevent each other from winning, so if you do play with us you're safe!

Other games we enjoy: Catch Phrase, Scum, Phase 10, and the occasional board game. Oh and Draw Something free on our phones. More often than not we are playing this game. It uses all of our phone battery, we can't ever figure out what our opponent is drawing and to top it off neither of us can spell so it's a real treat! Ahhh and we are crazy about some Shoot Bubble game that is also on our phones. It is completely mindless so we're really good at that one. Anywho, all of the games listed above have lead us to some pretty heated competitions! Like the time I made sure Casey was scum and that I was king because of his sassy Sasquatch remarks. Or when he skipped me in Phase 10 FOR NO REASON AT ALL! Which everyone knows not to do...not cool. Not cool at all.

We love to bowl!
One of the best times was while playing Catch Phrase with the rest of the fam. It was boys against girls, the word was elephant. My dad started to give the clues and Casey immediately blurted out "GIRAFFE!" Ummmm I don't know how he got to that conclusion...sooooo funny! Isn't he cute?  They ended up winning anyway so it worked out but we still laugh about this.

One time we bought a Wii. This has been a fun adventure as well! We have been lucky enough to fight our way through most of Mario Kart but we are stuck trying to unlock the final blasted Cup. It is super bothersome! And we have kind of given up since we can't seem to win. So then we try to play Super Mario...which apparently everyone and their dog comes out of the womb knowing how to play except for me. I just float in my little bubble while Casey works his way through each level. We get through the game faster if I just float. It is all done in good ol' fashioned fun though. There may be some frustrated shoe flicking in the process but hey, no hard feelings right?

So if you are looking for some laughable game night buddies, we're your couple! We will provide the games and your entertainment for the week...really though. Rachel and Anthony just played Skip Bo with us and they will happily provide testimonials if necessary. Happy game night fun everyone!

Caster and Becster!

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