Sunday, March 11, 2012

Foreign Cusine

In recent weeks Casey and I have decided to tackle the culinary world! We have ventured to make different things like pizza, mac and cheese, and steak to name a few. We have been really successful which is super odd because I have never really spent time in the kitchen unless I was eating EVERYTHING and Casey...well Casey likes the gym and is the most picky eater in the world so he stayed away.

Well last night marked our 3 month mark until our marriage date (June 9th). So we decided to celebrate and put our skills to the test as we made a Filipino classic, Chicken Adobo! I should probably mention that Casey here served his mission in the Philippines and this was his favorite dish. Also, we were feeling pretty confident in ourselves so the task did not seem too daunting. And off to the store we went...

Our drive to the store consisted of scattered thoughts and a small insignificant argument as we discussed what grocery store we should grace with our presence. Luckily Casey's lovely mom (who we absolutely adore!) had most of the ingredients! That didn't stop us from buying any and everything though. We happily mozied through the store, without a cart, and pilled miles of groceries into our arms. We probably looked more suspicious than anything but we didn't care! We were on a mission!

30 minutes later we found ourselves back to the 'rents house ready to make some chicken stuffs. Soon after we opened the chicken we realized we definitely grabbed the opposite of what we needed. Instead of boneless skinless chicken thighs, we had bone-in skin loving chicken thighs! We just decided to go with it, it seemed to be fine.One hurdle down we began to assemble to rest of the ingredients. All of which were simple enough but leave it to us to overdo the pickling spice! And well, folks there you have it. The pickling spice did us in.

Casey of course immediately noticed, but not wanting to deviate from our plan I assured him it would be just great! Keep in mind I have absolutely no idea what this whole dish is supposed to look or smell like. The kitchen filled with the smell of weirdy chicken and cinnamon (one of my least favorite things in the world) and on it cooked.

One hour was time to eat! The longer the chicken cooked, the more the house smelled like cinnamon. Yuck. And then we sat down to eat. Casey took the first bite said it wasn't right and then kept eating. I took a bite and kept eating. Within minutes, our plates were cleaned and yet it was still time to order a pizza!

The moral of the story kids, is that we made Chicken Adobo wrong wrong wrong and ate it anyway...also Domino's really did improve their pizza! Consider me a fan! But do not fear. We redeemed ourselves one day later with a BBQ chicken, stuffing and broccoli masterpiece.

Thus concludes Becca and Casey's foreign cuisine adventure!

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