Sunday, April 1, 2012

Church and Love

It has been a couple of days since our last post. Keeping up on this thing is a challenge! A good challenge nonetheless. We have had a good productive week though so I better hop to it!

I guess we have a lot of good and big news!!! We'll start with the wedding stuffs. On Thursday I think it was we were able to design our invitations. FINALLY. Back in January I was able to attend a bridal show with my wedding woman entourage (Momma, Rachel (older sister) Jenna (younger sister) Amy (ROOMMATE BFFFFFFF's!!!! and of course Cassie B. and Mom in-law, in spirit). Whilst we were hitting up the fair we came across 1,000,000,000 invitations booths but that is besides the point because the first one we stopped at changed our wedding worlds! I WON A MAJOR AWARD...of $100 dollars off 500 invitations, custom design and insert cards included. Fantastic. Now two months later they are designed and ready to be proofed! Tada. One less thing to worry about.

Our next great news is that we were able to find a basement apartment in Bountiful. We had made a deal that we wouldn't start looking until the middle of this month or so but someone (Casey) couldn't help it. We looked at a couple of different apartments, talked back and forth with some sellers and all in vain. Each and every stinkin' time we looked, we were offered the apartment and Casey would tell them no. It is his like his new favorite game next to Skip-Bo. However, this time was different! We enlisted to help from lovely family members and this time it all worked out a little better. It will be awhile before Casey moves in but it is a good fit and great blessing. (shout out to Mr. Vowels, our new wardie!!!!)

Conference Love!!!
What else to talk about....Conference! What a joyous weekend we had. Since we both still live at home we split up the Sunday sessions with each family. We started out at the Call's, listening and learning and then had some delicious sandwiches following the session. It really was such a great time. Maybe we'll do it again in 6 months time...! Then we were off to the Cole house to enjoy the second half of the day. This session included puzzles and really spicy salsa. Holy cows so so so spicy. Again we enjoyed the time we had to learn and grow and chat.

Last conference Casey and I had endured our first fight. It was over BYU and Utah. Stupid, right? Behold our future. So it was nice to actually be with each other this time. We learned so much from the different messages. It is funny how in the different stages of life different things stand out in the talks. Needless to say, with marriage and new family beginnings on the brink, we have a lot of crazy things to prepare for. Things we hadn't thought about even. Soooo fun!

We bid you farewell

Becca and Casey

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