Monday, April 30, 2012


This weekend we began moving into our lovely little apartment! Well, Casey started moving in. There are about two whole things in there as of now.

We went for a little walk through before hand and noticed a few things that we need to take care of. Starting with some SPIDERS! AHHHHHH! But do not fear, that is why they make bug spray, vacuums and Casey of course.
Anybody else notice the ghost orbs?!?!
Other than the spider massacre that needs to happen, we need to dust like mad! We turned the ceiling fan on/off the other day and Casey reached up to help slow the blades down and that lead to the dust storm of 2012. So that will definitely have to be dealt with before either of us are there.

Now we have the coffee table and the dining room table there just waiting for us to join them! We had to fix up the coffee table a bit...I put it together with the help of some friends when I first moved out...I used my pots and pans. Poor thing needed some help! Anyway, slowly but surely everything will get moved in. We have awhile so no rush here!

In other news, Casey's soccer and flag football season continue on. He gets to play football with at least one brother, Chad, most of the time. This last Saturday though, his brother Chris was able to play. So we just had to take a brothers picture! Awwwww! So cute right? Right!

Chris, Casey and Chad! Bfffff's!

So that is that! We are both done with school and are ready to begin the final month countdown until our day of marriage. Huzzah! Exciting stuff my dear friends.



  1. Hurray! We just moved out of our first apartment :( sad day!

  2. That is a sad day! I keep thinking ahead to when we move out...I just need to enjoy our first place for now!