Saturday, April 28, 2012

Proposal Redo!

Don't freak out anyone! I am the one that did the reproposing!

We received Casey's ring in the mail last week and we were pretty excited (thus the first proposal!). It was just a simple black band. Casey had insisted that he had to have black. There was no discussion.So we ordered it. And it got here. And then I proposed. And then we found out it was too big. And then Casey decided black wasn't such a great idea. And then we sent it back. And then we got a new ring!

Funny side note: Casey's friend Matt had warned him about black rings...he said black rings belong on black people. Haha we laughed! And sadly it is true, so that makes it not racist. 

Sooooo we went suit shopping yesterday! Holla! Casey is going to be a STUD! He already is! I hate to admit it but he wore a BYU shirt the other day and oh boy he looked supa fine! Anyway, so before my mom and I left for Mr. Mac, my mom texted me to let me know that the ring came. Naturally we had to bring it so I could repropose in public! Duh.

Just after Casey had been fitted I waited outside his dressing room with the ring. It was really stupid and I felt incredibly awkward but I had to do it! And well you can figure out the rest. He said yes and the ring fits/looks a lot better than the first one!

Beat the photographer to this cliche shot.

In true pretend photographer fashion, I had to take a picture of our rings together. I didn't have a great picture of my ring anyway so it made sense to me to take some photos!

We also had the opportunity to attend a couple of weddings this weekend. It was fun for us! It was kind of a sneak preview in a way. I loved it! Plus it was fantastic to see a bunch of the girls I have known since elementary/jr. high. You all looked beautiful! And it was so good to see you all again! Shout out to Camie and Judd, you guys are a beautiful couple and both Casey and I are envious excited for you!

Our invitations have arrived! If you are reading this and wanting an invitation, make sure we have your address! Or updated address if you already sent it to us. We would hate to miss your smiling face, whoever you are! Enjoy the sunshine everyone!


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