Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Brighten Your Day!

This was our car ride to church on Sunday. Specifically the singing of the mocking bird song because there was nothing on the radio so we turned it off. Though I also went through a "You can't triple stamp a double stamp" phase a little while ago. We concluded that we may have watched this movie one too many times, if that is even possible!

Makes me laugh every single time. Fun fact: My dear Grandpa Lyle (who coincidentally has a FANTASTIC sense of humor) hates Jim Carry; doesn't find him funny at all...this usually happens when he sees a movie and expects it to be serious. That really would be disappointing though, if you put yourself in his shoes. You go Grandpa!

Anywho, I hope the thought of Casey and I singing this to each other makes someone out there happy! We sure found it amusing. And now I am off to take a final, and enjoy some hi-spanic cuisine with my honey! Sing on my friends!


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