Monday, April 2, 2012


It is time to say goodbye to the longest Monday that ever happened on this planet! I am not a morning person. Waking up for work this morning seemed unusually hard. Any reason? Not even one! Fortunately, being able to work as a nanny has turned out to be full of secret benefits. My favorite thus far is being able to nap when the baby naps (which by the way is permitted, I promise!).

America's Real Next Top Model
Following work for me and school for Casey it was gym time. We worked it out today people! Embrace the gym. It is only trying to help you. And then it was time for the days main purpose, the real reason why I rolled out of bed this morning. REGISTRATION TIME! Which is like t-shirt time. Since we did our invitations last week we decided it was probably a good idea to start our registries....just an idea. To Kohl's we went! 

We had a grand ol' time walking around and designing our future. Casey got to hold the gun thing and I was the list lady. We didn't fight, we just talked and joked and happily stayed on task. Registering is a lot more stressful than I thought it would be. In the end we decided that we should register for any and everything just in case! You never know when you'll need something, and you never know when someone wants to bless you with another. So if we liked it, we scanned it on in! I think we got mostly mismatched items which will turn out to be interesting in the end, but at least we picked them together, right? 

Me, not registering for a vacuum.
My favorite item: the $850.00 flatware (p.s. this is my use of sarcasm) (p.p.s that was my use of condescension). Now, you may be thinking that is insane. If so, you will be relieved to hear that it was a complete accident!!! After looking through all of our choices we decided to go with the one without a price sticker (I don't know why). Once we got home I immediately pulled up the list just to see if we had missed anything and BAM! Right at the bottom was our $850.00 flatware set. I cannot for the life of me figure out why it would be that much?!?! People are cray. And apparently this is my real talent, liking the most expensive options available. My mom made the comment that "it goes down the disposal the same as the $20.00 flatware". Wise words from a lady with a drawer full of wounded spoon soldiers. Oh my gash that is more than our future rent payment. 

Casey's favorite: the popcorn maker and the towels. He gets to have two since he was so excited about both of them. The towels in his words are "squishy". And give that boy popcorn and you have given him the world! His face lit up when he saw that popcorn maker, it was so funny! Behold my future. Love him!!!

One store down, two more to go! Wish us luck.

Becca and Casey

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