Monday, April 23, 2012

July 30th....

Casey and I met in a slightly funny way. Blame it on church, blame it on Jenna, blame it on Facebook? I give most credit to Jenna. After all, I did go to church with her that one day and vaguely remember seeing someone in a blue shirt. She also was the one who volunteered my available-ness when Casey asked her who she was with at church that day. Next thing I know I am sitting in my bed at Bear Lake, listening to Jenna tell me about Casey and how he and his friends were "the hottest guy(s) ever" (if you know Jenna, this is every guy she comes across). One night specifically, right as I was falling asleep she said "Becca...Casey loves you". All I could say was "Oh my gosh", in a yeah right, whatever sort of way.

At that point Casey had already added me on Facebook. I figured he was harmless! Plus Jenna told me about how he had the same hatred for people wearing ugly shoes as I did (so if you do wear, or have worn ugly shoes we probably judged you...sorry!). And that my friends was a huge deal. Can you say shallow? So I accepted. I probably just wanted attention. About two more weeks passed (I know you are all dying for me to get to the point already), and it was time for the Katy Perry concert! Which was amazing. That night I told Jenna and J-Koff to give this Casey guy my number. And so they did! Withing the next few days I received a clever text fact: Casey, with the help of Jenna came up with two texts to send to start off our conversation...not a single one of us remember what it said but it had to do with ugly shoes. And so we were off and talking!
Picture from our first date dinner!

That night he quoted Katy Perry lyrics to me. Not in a romantic/cheesy/pathetic way, but in a witty and hysterical way instead. We talked about our love of Joy Luck (the site of our upcoming wedding dinner!), and how we would have to go at some point. So a date was in sight! That whole week went on with us texting back and forth and then he called to ask me out. I smiled the whole time. That was the first time I heard his voice and I quite liked it. You can ask my sisters. He asked me out for that Saturday, July 30th, on a double with Jenna and his friend Dan Campbell.

When the guys came to the door that night Casey gave me a high five, that has since been our thing I guess you could say (High five for weddings!). We got in the car and Casey tried to get us to pray before we left, and then listen to the scriptures while we drove. Neither actually happened.The plan was for us to go to Joy Luck,of course and Boondocks! This leads me to what inspired this post. We collected a lot a lot of tickets that night and for whatever reason I decided that it would be soooo funny to only get those dumb plastic jumping frogs. And so we did....

Frog love!

Those are our frogs. Casey found them in his room the other day and almost threw them out! WHO DOES THAT?! I'm glad he saved them.

We have lots of fun memories from our first date! Jenna and Dan lost the bowling bet...wink wink! Casey disappeared on the go-karts. I beat him at air hockey. We matched. My shirt came unbuttoned while we bowled. Casey accidentally flashed his 6 pack. We held hands. Casey got scared of the movie in the first 2 minutes. We went to 7/11. We all ate starbursts. And Casey and I have been together ever since!

Cute huh?!?! I luph him. He is too cute. Especially when he goes along with my crazy antics like spelling things with plastic frogs...and having to sit on his shoulders/crush him with my thighs of steel to get a good picture of said frog words.

Bottom line, we are getting marriaged. And we have had a lot of exciting adventures these last 8 months.  And we are thupa dupa excited! So excited that I proposed to Casey today when I got his ring. I am so nice!

As my dad told us the other day, "Our life is amazing!". And we have sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
ooooooooooo much more to look forward to!

Becca and Casey!


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