Wednesday, May 9, 2012


This last weekend the wedding showers began! And they are continuing on through the rest of this month. Needless to say, Casey and I are super excited! Not only to have wonderfully thoughtful gifts to fill our apartment, but to merge both families.

So last Saturday we began with the Call/Butterfield family shower. It was so much fun! Can I just say how spoiled Casey and I are? Very lucky! My sisters and mom were alongside me as we met Casey's extended family. They are the sweetest people on the planet. We really enjoyed ourselves and were so happy and blessed to have met them all!

With each gift, came a piece of advice. My momma wrote down every single one for Casey and I to read together later. One of our favorites came from his aunt Diane. She said, "Don't do any job or task, unless you are prepared to do it for the rest of your married life. It is called Strategic Incompetence. This had us all laughing. And it is something I will definitely be using...and I am sneaky so Casey won't even know!

Afterwards we went ahead and took some of our lovely gifts to the apartment. We immediately placed the cross stitch picture that Casey's sister Camille made for us, on the wall. It really looks like it was meant to be there this whole time. We then placed the rest of the gifts away, just ready and waiting to be used until we are both finally there!

We are so excited for this last month of wedding planning fun! And we are so grateful to all of our family and friends for making it happen. It is going to be a month of chaotic and crazy adventures! Can't wait to embark on them all!

P.S. most, if not all of the pictures of the shower were taken with fingers covering the flash...haha high five Rachel!


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