Friday, June 22, 2012

And Then...

After a long sabbatical away from this blog (and a possible attempt to delete it...yikes!), we have returned! 

So it has been a happy two weeks in the Call home! We had the wedding, just so you know. What a magnificent day! We loved having so many friends and family members there; and to those who did not make it, we sure missed you...especially when we froze at the reception but that is besides the point.

Wind and lip gloss vs. everyone ever

I keep going to post pictures from the day but I get super distracted looking at them. It is just all too much fun! Between the pictures from the wedding dinner and from the wedding day we have almost 500 silly digital camera shots. It is more than enough to keep me sane until our photographer finishes her shots from the day. Ahhhhhh it is just so exciting and I have absolutely no patience for these things.

Ever since the 9th I have been having crazy wedding dreams. I decided after the reception that the one thing I would tell other brides would be to walk around your reception, take everything in and make sure you see EVERYTHING! I was so sad that I didn't get to eat the strawberry shortcake that so many lovely ladies from my ward and lovely family members took the time to prepare. Annnnd I had no idea where all of the pictures and other decorations ended up so that was too bad. Thank goodness for photographers, right?!

Good news, if you are looking for a sail for a boat, you can borrow my dress! We found out the hard way...

I am getting carried away with the pictures so I am sorry. But I just love how everything came together and how smashing everyone looked! It really was such a great day!

Thank you to our mothers who pulled everything together! The Wiser family, who let us take over their backyard and destroy it with popcorn. The extended family who helped set up, create and serve such marvelous things (especially in the wake of my flower meltdown), you are all angels! And thank you to everyone who even gave us a thought on that day! We LOVE you all so don't ever forget it!



  1. becca you look amazing! i'm so sad that i couldn't make it that day. but i'm glad everything went well :) congrats!

  2. Thank you so much Kensie! We sure missed seeing you there as well. Casey works with Chase and Zach, how cool is that? Is it Chase that just got married?

  3. oh serious?? i had no clue! it was chase that got married. i feel bad that i didn't go. :( my apologies! but you really did look great!