Thursday, June 28, 2012

Silly Little Life

We have a funny life! I think since we got married our IQ's have dropped significantly. 

We tried to go to the store yesterday so that we could make dinner. We had to have been there for almost an hour. We went in to get supplies for salad and tortellini's. We left with most of the ingredients to make a pizza, some shampoo and no salad. In short, we had nothing to make a complete meal. Enter Cafe Rio.  

Things like that keep happening! And we laugh harder every time.

Fortunately for us though we have been able to make a complete meal two times! We do like to cook and Casey really likes to wear the aprons so hopefully our store time will be more efficient in the future. 

Our first married cooking adventure: Monkeybread

Finished product. Looks weird but it was delicious!

In other news, this is my first morning in the apartment alone...that I have been awake for! I had a dream a couple of weeks ago that the apartment was haunted. Since telling Casey this dream he has done nothing to tell me otherwise. He just goes along with it. Before we got married and he was living here alone, I told him that I would switch him for one night so he could go home. All he had to say was "Well you won't be alone!" and then he did a creepy Casey laugh. If only you all understood the fear that instilled in me. Needless to say I am nervous! Thank goodness for TV!

Casey says hi.


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