Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Classy Living

Before we got married and while we were apartment shopping, everyone kept telling us that our first place was going to be where we learned some of our biggest life lessons. We knew we needed to start out small, so by no means were we reaching for the stars here. So with the wisdom of so many, we chose an apartment and here we are...

I would like to take this opportunity to record some of the funny little things about this apartment that shall be passed along to our kin one day. My grandma Sheri told us that without these kinds of experiences we would be doing our children a huge disservice. Let it begin!

  • BUGS! There are bugs everywhere, and on more than one occasion, they have crawled across me during movie night. We are not talking just spiders people. We have beetles, and box elder bugs (typical Bountiful), fruit flies (which is unexplained since we don't have any fruit like, or food like things here) and my personal favorite: Centipedes! Lovely right? They feel very nice on the skin...but even better smashed and in the toilet. 
    • Side note: We had a major bug attack while watching the Money Pit (slightly ironic). We could both here wings flapping...so we turned on the light and I saw a gigantic spider run across the carpet! Then we killed it! But we never found the source of the flapping...
  • GARBAGE WATER! I have always been a "water from the fridge" kind of girl, so the whole tap water thing didn't suit me well. We bought a filtered water pitcher, but the tap just smelled. And smelled. And smelled. We then switched to bottled water. A couple of days later the gym was handing out free water testing kits, I grabbed about 5. We sent one in and learned that our water is definitely not suitable for drinking...it isn't suitable for anything. 

  •  THERMOSTAT! We have no control over the thermostat. But we do have a ceiling fan that is just a few spins away from blast off...somebody call NASA!
In all seriousness we are loving living here. We are laugh about these things more and more everyday. It is all just too good in a way because it will make our stories that much better. If anyone has any suggestions on how to set a major bug trap, just let me know!


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