Tuesday, October 2, 2012

It's October?

We have hardly had any time to recover from Summer! It is like school and work decided to throw up all over the both of us.  In my attempt to avoid homework, I have decided to post.

So far the beginning of fall has been like a new door for our married life. So far we have football, homework, football and homework. It will all be good in the long run though! We have some great new adventures with school beginning next semester. Changes that will be refreshing!

We are definitely in a wonderful place right now! I can't even begin to explain how exciting it is to be decorating and celebrating the holidays and what not in my own family dwelling. Casey thinks I am nuts but I have already found a smallish Christmas tree and such for us. This is history people! Every holiday must be taken seriously! And of course I know it is only October, but October is just the beginning. The beginning of a giant 3 month period of time called "Family Parties". This encompasses November and December as well. So much has to happen within these months that you may fall behind on your craftiness. In short, you have to get your crap together now before the celebration days are gone.

More recently we have been serving as primary teachers in our ward. We teach the 6/7 year old's every Sunday! It has already proven to be an interesting calling for us. We have even had some controversial experiences believe it or not. And the "problem" child we were given has actually been our favorite..? Figure that one out! I digress...we gave the kids some time to tell us about the highlight of their last week. This particular kid chose to tell us about his day and he did not even hesitate! He said, "My mom went crrraaaaazzzzzyyyyy this morning!" And then he continued with his story about his sweet mom who was just having one of those mornings...anyhow I barely heard him because I was laughing so hard.

Safe to say we have been happily busy and we cherish our weekends more than anything at this point! Hopefully this will help to get us posting again...or inspire us to send out our Thank You cards already....Only time will tell...


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