Thursday, August 2, 2012

Up to date

It seems so crazy that it is already August! I have no idea where the summer went. This last month better be good!

We've really been enjoying the last couple months of togetherness though. Particularly this month with the Olympics. We consider ourselves some major volleyball fans now...because we totally need another excuse to watch TV. We snuggle up with some slightly healthy snacks and tape our eyes open so we don't miss a thing. Now if we only had a fort...that would be something.

Because it as gone so fast it feels like a major time lapse has happened. Hard to believe we are already at this point.This whole last week has been one of great celebration for Casey and myself! We have officially been inseparable for a year now. SOOOO sappy but hey, when you meet your sweetheart, it's just how it works. I guess you could say we celebrated with a week full of pathetic athletic attempts (on my part at least). After the great tennis net fiasco of 2012, we have been pushing ourselves back into the gym. I also consider our trip to Seven Peaks to be somewhat of a daunting task. I called it our water slide date. We have never before ridden the water slides! But today we did! And it was so much fun! So we are going again next week! And forever! Until we contract a disease from that place which is bound to happen, right?

Anyhow, we are ready to finish out the summer strong! We have a lot coming up this fall with school and such so this final stretch of freedom will be much needed. At least now we can help each other meander through school. That will be a nice change.

Stay tuned for our report back on our NANNY BABY SLEEPOVER! Yes this is really happening. My dreams are coming true!


This is not me. But it is very similar to me.

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