Saturday, July 21, 2012

Bear Lakey!

We had a great return to the Lake! It was Casey's first year, and I think he managed to have a wonderful time amongst the crazies.

Casey golfed every morning and did better each time. I went to the beach every morning and got more sun each time. It was perfect! We even scored some quality floaties for the water, and also caught some rays sitting on the giant island floaty via the Welch family.

Casey's favorite part was of course the wave runners. He got to go out all by himself! And then there was a small almost accident between some of the cousins but that is ok because it was a small almost accident. We also tried our hands at volleyball, which was a great success. Usually the fam isn't prone to such great physical feats but this year was different, and it was a marvelous time. 

Following the nightly dinner routine we spent some time at La Beau's because that is just what you do. And then we dabbled in some card games like Tribal Uno and Mormon Bridge. What a delight!

In the history of family vacations, this is the ultimate family vacation. It is better than Christmas. Every year brings new memories and better relationships than the year before. I am so happy Casey gets to be in on the fun now!

We really had a great time up at the lake and are already looking forward to whatever next year brings! 

Casey's thoughts on the matter: It was fun. I had corndogs.


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