Thursday, November 8, 2012

I think we have officially achieved married people status. This last week has been a real doozy for the two of us!

I seem to have come down with some sort of flu bug. Sunday night/Monday were hard. I was back and forth from the bathroom a total of nine times and sleep was just not an option. I will spare you the details but just know that I hit what I would like to call, "The Simultaneous Trifecta" (which includes my visit from mother nature). Let your imagination run with that.

Thus is the reason we are now even more married than before. Casey has now seen and heard the worst of the worst! And the reason for this post really, is to tell you all of his magnificent-ness; and not in a bragging sort of way, in just a "this is true love" sort of way.

As he tells it, Casey himself has not thrown up since a young age. Because of this he has a great fear of doing such and has zero to no tolerance for those that do, or pretend to. So you can imagine as the night unfolded I was doing my best to shield him from my exorcist-like behaviors. Alas, I failed. He knew immediately what was happening and he went right into action! He helped clean (and I mean clean EVERYTHING...he even made sure I had a newly clean bucket with me at all times, did all of the laundry and much of the disinfecting throughout the process), made a phone call to the parents, went to get the meds, called the parents again, informed my employers, brought me drinks, brought me movies, got me blankets, tucked me in and slept on the most uncomfortable couch in the world for a man his size and then later the floor...just because he didn't want me to be alone or get more sick.

Of course he had his moments of shock and awe, but those were quickly squashed with medicine and closed eyes. We are safe to say he did not catch this crazyness...yet! And I hope he doesn't because I can't be the mom that he was that night/day. I had no idea he was even capable of all of this! Am I lucky or what?

So that is the latest glimpse into our silly life. Enjoy!


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