Sunday, June 23, 2013

Ok well we have had an eventful week to say the least. My parents have officially vacated the premises, leaving us with the crap shack (literally. More on that later), and all of their belongings...mostly. And so now we anxiously await the arrival of the movers as we try to prepare for our own move from the basement to the first floor. Exciting stuff right? Sure! We feel like we are in limbo. We are also moving Rachel back down to the basement and Jenna will be moving from my grandparents to join her there. Casey's life is going to get interesting! So lots of moving stuff in our future and not a lot of time.

My parents are doing swimmingly in Kentucky! From what we have seen their cute house will be a great fit for them and the westie's. I have even been told my dad has already had to chase one of the dogs around the neighborhood. So really they are settling right in, with just a couple of suitcases and like three pieces of furniture purchased upon their arrival.

Along the lines of the doggies...Nora has been a little out of sorts. She can't find her Lolli friend or the rest of her people. The night before they left we were piling things all around the house to prepare what we could for the movers and that stressed Nori right out (ps we were light years ahead of Kim and Kanye on that one!). Long story short, we spent the early hours of that morning cleaning up the dog IBS that took over our room (hence the Crap Shack). Poor doggy. It was kind of funny, more like really funny and horrible at the same time. We love her so much though that we mostly just felt bad for her, no hatred or banishment. And now we are just trying to keep her preoccupied with fun things so she doesn't get too sad.

All is well here. The anticipation of pretend home ownership is looming over us and it is kind of exciting! How many people get a practice run before they get their own place? Just as long as the deck doesn't fall off the back of the house while we are here, I think we will be just fine.


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