Tuesday, June 18, 2013

My favorite days!

I wrote this last week and forgot to add the pictures so I could post it! Pretend it is June 10th, and go:

Oh boy was this last weekend eventful! I really enjoy having so much to celebrate all once! It sure made the work week flyby.

Starting on Friday we had Casey's 25th birthday. That morning he requested to open a present so obviously I had him open the most obvious one: the hammer! Fast forward now to me getting off work early and getting home just in time to see my beautiful anniversary flowers from the birthday boy himself. They are still so beautiful! Peonies are my absolute favorites. They were supposed to be my wedding flowers buuuut the florist apparently had her own ideas and replaced them with all sorts of stuff that we never even talked about!!!!! I am still bitter. I digress.  So that was just a wonderful surprise.

Casey opened the rest of his presents after that and did a very good job at pretending not to notice that there wasn't an iPad. We then headed out to get some cupcakes. Our biggest weakness! They were so delicious guys. After that it was time for a celebratory dinner. My grandpa Lyle decided to take everyone in the family out to celebrate his 54th anniversary with Grandma Sheri. We had so much fun! After spending so much time together before Grandma passed, we were all missing each other a bit so we had a great time catching up again. I will also note that we ate at Joy Luck which is where we had our wedding dinner!

Saturday was our crazy day. We had Casey's flag football game and management test and yard work. Then we were off to Park City for the weekend with our money jar in tow! Casey found a whole bunch of stuff at the outlets. I was not so lucky but it's ok. We stayed at the Caledonian on Main Street which was really really cool. Funny thing though, we have awful luck traveling so of course there was no AC and the bathroom hadn't been cleaned because the fixtures were all broken (so no water could be turned on). We laughed and gagged. All was well. Then I magically found a black mini iPad with Casey's name on it. Weird! I set up a decoy present for him and then had that one set aside as a surprise. He was so excited! That was really the only thing he wanted for his birthday and he thought I didn't get it for him. He also surprised me with some stackable initial rings that I had completely forgotten I had asked for awhile back. I love them. And him.

We completed our anniversary celebrations with Cole family pictures Sunday night and then we ate our year old wedding cake of course! It was interesting to say the least. Definitely not as good as it would have been a year ago.

And that was our weekend. It was lots and lots of fun! I'm sad it's over. And I can't believe it has been a year already. That was honestly my most favorite day ever and i think about it all the time. We had the best first year of marriage anyone could ask for, complete with a puppy and lots of fantastic adventures!

Here's to a zillion more years plus eternity! I LOVE CASEY!



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