Tuesday, June 4, 2013

I am very behind on my posts again. Bear with me!

We had the wonderful honor of burying my sweet grandma this last week. The service was beautiful as were the viewings that were held prior. My aunts and my dad all did a spectacular job in speaking about their mother. I think everyone walked away from it all having their testimonies strengthened and wanting to be a little better and love everyone a little more. It is still so hard to believe that any of it was real. So crazy! And I just have so many thoughts on the day I don't know exactly what to even write about. Just know it was beautiful chaos!  We definitely shared a lot of happy and sad tears with both friends and family. Thank you for all of your prayers, flowers, cards and well wishes. The support from everyone was really just amazing and will be remembered. Plus, we got Casey to sing in both the cousin and family/friend choirs so that is a little victory!

Our family angels on Grandmas 74th birthday.

Memorial necklaces for all the girls!  Made by one of Melinda's friends. 

Grave side

Family gathering night of the services. Wayne is the family photobomber.

Our Memorial Day weekend was fantastic! We spent a lot of time with our families which is always wonderful. We even had a chance to go swim at the old family pool which I loved because that is where we spent our summers as kids and I really wanted Casey to experience it! A funny story for you now: I was trying to teach Casey a guessing game we used to play while swimming that involves dunking and flipping under water. Well I went to dunk Casey, which he mistook as me trying to flip him over, which then forced water up his nose, which also lead to his flailing extremities and his fist punching me square in the face. Not our best moment. He came up laughing and unknowing while I stood there and cried, hoping my teeth were still in my mouth. Fortunately for him I still have my teeth and escaped without a scratch...just a sore face. Casey may have found himself at the bottom of the pool had things not turned out so nicely.

Other recent blessings have come our way, in the form of a job for my dad! Thank you again for your prayers. Looks like Adam and DebTina will be shipping out to Kentucky later this month, for the next two years. It is a really great opportunity so they kind of have to go. And it will be their chance to be missionaries since they will be members of a branch instead of a ward. We are being entrusted with keeping the house standing in their absence. Wish us luck!

As for now we are getting ready to celebrate Casey's 25th (i think?) birthday on Friday! We have a really hard time remembering how old he is. Annnnnnnd we will also be celebrating one year of marriage on Sunday! We have saved our pennies in our money jar and are going up to Park City to shop and eat all the things! A fun fact for you now: June 9th is also the anniversary of my Cole grandparents (54 years together!). Such a blessing to share that with them, especially now that grandma is celebrating in heaven. Oh and I would like to take this time to ask my parents to babysit Nora while we are out? I promise to not guarantee that your shoes will be safe, or that special spot on your floor go unpooped on....

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